Cruise Missile platform?

In my other thread about torpedoes it was pretty much stated that cruise missiles would be better for a stealth ship.

So, what class of ship is good for using cruise missiles? Anything stealthy?


Widows? I can’t remember if Panthers can too or not.

I disagree. Cloaking (and black-ops bridging associated with it) allow the ships to dictate the initial terms of the engagement. Cloaking allows the mostly short-ranged ships that use it to start fights in their optimal range, mitigating the range disadvantage somewhat. However, it means there’s often counterplay in the form of kiting. The short range keeps it balanced.

In terms of cruise platforms for cloaky ships there’s obviously only the widow and the marshal, with the marshal having superior bonuses and hardpoints. Both will often use cruises for PVE purposes.

In practice, with what I said above, you rarely see cruises on either of these ships in PVP, as using black-ops battleships in combat is all about killing a target as quickly as possible before any real response can happen (and also about doing so with minimal characters or you’d be using bombers instead). Therefore, both ships will tend to engage within torpedo/RHML range and use one of those for dps/application.

There’s meme widow fits with 100km+ ECM which would use cruises, but after the removal of belts the officer mods required have become egregiously expensive.


The widow and Marshall are the only two that can fit missiles.

However I can’t think of a single time cruise were the weapon of choice. Depending on your target rapid heavy or torpedoes are going to be your best bet.

Both already have more range than you’re going to need and will apply more damage to your targets than cruise.

Honestly outside of a few niche builds and memes I don’t know when I would ever use cruise missiles in pvp.


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