Cruisers of Eve: ALASKA - 7 day cruise from Seattle to Alaska! June 30, 2019-July 7, 2019


(Lula Cesaille) #21

With no Fanfest next year I am genuinely hoping to make this trip. Thanks for your planning efforts!

(Cali Estemaire) #22

I’d be flying from MAN too - thanks for that dummy pricing :slight_smile:

(Stragak) #23

This looks awesome! Need to run this by my girlfriend but… WOW

(Mynxee) #24

Looks like this is a go for me and Mr. Mynxee! We are looking at the info and figuring out what to book…I assume we have to specify the free packages we want at the time of booking.

By the way, I’m CCP Falcon’s birthday twin so I’ll be celebrating my 61st birthday during the cruise!

(Greygal) #25

WOOHOO!! :dancer:

Adding you to the birthday pub crawl excuse party now!!!

Can’t wait to see you again!

(Greygal) #26

Oops forgot to answer your implied question - yes, you pick which bonuses you want when you make your booking. If you don’t pick one, the defaults I set up for our group are the Unlimited Beverage Package and the Specialty Dining Package.

(Greygal) #27

NCL offices are closed for the next two days for the 4th of July holiday. Vijay (our group specialist) will be back in the office on Thursday, July 5th, 2018. You can still leave him a voice mail message or send your details (not cc number!) to him via email, and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can on Thursday or Friday.

(Greygal) #28

Many, many thanks to @Rixx_Javix for creating this fantabulous logo!

(Greygal) #29

For those who are arriving in Seattle a few days early or staying a few days after the cruise, some links of interest:

Public transportation, light rail, etc.

(Greygal) #30

Here’s a not-too-annoying (heh) video tour of the Norwegian Bliss ship!

(Lecroix Demonge) #31

We’ll see. I doubt I’ll be able to afford it.

(Greygal) #32

A lot can happen in the next 350-ish days :wink:

(Lecroix Demonge) #33

Have fun ticking off the bucket list.

(Kenneth Feld) #34

My family and I cruise on NCL extensively…a few things to note

They add $15 to your room charges per person for “Gratuity” so count on that. I know it is written above, but that usually catches most noob cruisers off guard

NCL has “facebook” stations all around where you can take pictures of yourself and auto upload to your facebook page for free, so internet is even less useful and slow.

If you drink, I highly suggest taking the drinking for free option cause you think the prices of drinks in Vegas was bad…

Tours and shore excursions - they aren’t always cheap, but generally they are not “bad” however not all of them leave you speechless either.

99% of the time we take the specialty dining as they have Japanese Tepanyaki and Cagneys Steakhouse, which are both pretty good IMO.

In addition there is a buffet that is open most hours with some sort of food, including midnight buffet and soft serve ice cream machines.

This ship leaves a bit earlier than most and getting to Seattle via plane and to the ship the same day is probably pretty difficult, especially for those East of the Mississippi, and if you miss the boat it is 100% on you. Planning to get into Seattle the night before and stay in a hotel is an incredibly wise plan and leaves options for missed flights, delays etc.

PS - my cruise specialist is upset :frowning: <3 Melissa Z

(Kenneth Feld) #35

Typically you can change your free at sea picks up to final payment date and if you have a frequent cruiser card (Maybe a group booking helps) can change up to 48hrs prior to sailing.

(Kenneth Feld) #36

One other thing after looking at the Itinerary - out of the 7 days, 3 of them have port visits that go well past supper time, so if you get the specialty dining booking the 4 days for Sun, Mon, Thur, Fri will get very competitive, especially if you eat early (rednecks and old people)
Also, much like the requirement to only choose the benefits per room, same goes for dinner. People in the same room can’t make dinner plans at different specialty restaurants during the cruise. So if one eats at Cagneys, everyone in the room eats at Cagneys that night, seated at the same table, at the same time.

You can start to reserve you dining table, shore excursions etc 3-4 months prior to sailing. I think it is either 120 or 130 days out, but it somewhat varies and Vijay should be able to give you the date.

(Greygal) #37

Thanks for all the great tips, Kenneth!

The ability to reserve dining tables, shore excursions, etc., should open up at or around 120 days prior to departure date (within a day or so of the must-pay-by date, which is March 1st.)

Tell your cruise specialist “maybe 2020” … :smiley:

Any chance you’ll be coming on this cruise, Kenneth? :smiley:

(Kenneth Feld) #38

Right now it is about 99% chance we are coming. Wife kids, the whole clan.

We have been toying with an Alaska cruise for quite some time anyway. Plus I have 2 cruise next deposits to use up.

(Greygal) #39

Awesome! It’s going to be a great time!

BTW, I’ll probably be arranging a group rate and/or discount codes at one or more hotels/motels in Seattle, but won’t be getting that sorted until a few months from now, when I have better rough idea of how many people are going.

(Kenneth Feld) #40

99% chance we stay at the Marriott at Pier 66 or the Westin right up the hill. I travel for a living and have enough points to stay for like a month LOL

Close to pikes peak, needle etc. We will prolly fly in Fri night and sightsee a bit on Sat.

Big thing is I have to wait until Aug 16 to book flights and hotel due to only being able to book 350ish days out for certain points stays etc…