Cruisers of Eve: ALASKA - 7 day cruise from Seattle to Alaska! June 30, 2019-July 7, 2019


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bump here,…

Anything that happens on the cruise ship, stays on the cruise ship

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lol don’t be too sure of that!

(Othello Warspite) #43

For what it’s worth, my aunt and uncle from “Northern Lower” Michigan went on a similar cruise, and she strongly advises a winter coat for Glacier Bay. That’s probably good advice for those among you who aren’t accustomed to temperatures where water is frequently a naturally occurring solid.

(Kilo Crimson) #44

Although, I my self probably wouldn’t go I would point out that the greater Seattle area has quite a few Eve players and has, I would say, decent turn out at all the meet ups that I have organized so far. I will probably end up organize something in Seattle the day before the cruise leaves for everyone.

(Greygal) #45

My plan is for us to have a dinner in Seattle the night before we undock, and most likely it’ll be at a buffet. If we get a lot of people on the cruise (more than about 40), it’ll likely be at the Brazilian buffet, but if not, then it’ll be a Chinese buffet. I’ll be shamelessly poking everyone in the Seattle discord about organizing this or something else next year when we get closer to the undock date :smiley:

I absolutely love having a legitimate use for the word “undock” in real life :wink:

(Greygal) #46

Unless, of course, you pick the Internet package as your group bonus and prolifically post throughout the roam…

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Registration completed.
I called Vijay and left a voice message. He called back an hour later and we got down to business:

-Cabin selected. Vijay reported the $50 deposit campaign is going to end then they will jack the deposit price up. The ship was reported stable but I know how ships rock. If you are seasick, recommend Meclizine, and any of the Deck 11 gray-colored inside cabins closest to amidships and the centerline. Recommend grabbing an edge cabin if you want peace and quiet.

-Unlimited beverage package. Unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, and restaurants. If you drink $15 each day in spirits, cocktails, glasses of wine or $18 each day in soda and juices, that drink package is paid.

-Specialty dining package. A total of 4 meal tickets for the entire cruise. If you eat a meal with a “value” over $25.45, that meal ticket is paid. I plan to trade this package out for the $50 excursion package, because there’s already basic food and drinks with the cabin price, the specialty dining is for those who prefer the minion over the hamburger.

-Unlimited premium wi-fi package. Zilch. Check again on May 1, 2019. This is the $29.50 package all day stream-speed internet connectivity. I talked to Greygal about this, and oh yes, we are going on a “Cruisers of Eve Alaska” fleet roam on the underway days. Because I dumped my budget on the scuba diving tours and can’t afford anything else on this cruise. As of the time of this post, internet packages will not be available until 60 days prior to departure.

-Shore excursions packages. Zilch. Check again in January 2019. The shore excursion department reported the 2019 excursion list will be released in January. I plan on going scuba diving in Seattle on June 29, 2019, pending the group meetup time for food. I plan on going scuba diving in one of these ports as well, but since the excursion department has nothing planned (they don’t want my money, that’s fine), I will search the ports of call for local diving tours. If you want to go diving on this cruise, x-up on this thread.

-Laundry. Onboard self-service laundromat is not available. Expect unbelievable prices to clean underwear. I don’t’ think we’ll have time to find a laundromat in port. I’m bringing one of those mini camper’s laundry dry bags for the shower room.

(Kilo Crimson) #48

I have it noted on the Seattle meet up long range calendar.

Also, I am going to be at eve Vegas and I am going to see if I can poke CCP about it.

(Space Warfare Development) #49

Kenneth, I’d like your feedback and advice on the the disembarkation procedures. From your past experience, what would you say is the average time passed between the ship mooring and the passenger exit doors opening for people to disembark to go sightseeing? Does the disembark time line directly with the itinerary? For example, is the Juneau arrival time 1430 the same time that the passenger exits open up and we can walk off and hurry to our excursion buses? Is there a 30-45 minute wait period before passengers can leave the ship? Are people crammed in the exit passageway anxious to leave? The reason I asked is because if there is a delay in times of arrival and disembarkation, I may have to cancel an arranged tour due to time constraints in port, and sign up for a ship’s excursion instead.

(Kenneth Feld) #50

Unfortunately it is all of the above…

Fog can cause the ship to arrive 60 min late, or fair winds and following seas can allow it to be 30 min early.

Generally speaking the only time you “wait” to leave the ship is upon arrival back home when customs officials will check the paperwork. In ports there is typically very little wait.
The ONLY time I have seen horrendous lines is when you are anchored and not tied to a pier and have to take ferry boats to land. In that case cruise line tour groups get head of the line privs to make their tours, followed by frequent cruisers who get head of line privs, then the rest of the ship. I don’t think that is an issue on this cruise though.

That is the “Hook” for the pre arranged tours - they start when the ship gets there and even in the event of a flat tire or some other catastrophe the ship will NOT sail without you. I was on a cruise in the Caribbean where a tour group got stranded on their party catamaran - sail ripped and the engine either was inadequate or broke. Either way we were almost 3 hours past sail time and we waited until all of them were on board before departing.

I would hate to say to not go on a trip you want to take, but you need to be aware of the risks. Most of the tour companies realize the cruise ships are early/late/change schedules, all kinds of crap and are fairly accommodating.

TL:DR it varies wildly and giving an absolute answer is next to impossible

(Greygal) #51

That “hook” is why I chose the $50 shore excursion credit for each port of call, so as to save some money on any shore excursions I book, since I know my luck when traveling - I’m booking my excursions through the cruise line!

Well, maybe not in the last stop of Victoria, as I think I want to just walk around Victoria… plenty of time to figure that out!

FYI, far as I know, we actually dock in all of our ports of call - I don’t think we will be using small boats to ferry us to shore.

Currently, I’m working on:

  • Seeing about getting us a group discount/group rate at a hotel or two near the pier.
  • Decide on location for the dinner/meet-up in Seattle the night before we undock.
  • Check into possibilities/costs to arrange group transportation from hotel to pier on day of undocking.

Please help spread the word about this adventure, it’s going to be awesome! Remember, your family/friends/coworkers/etcetera are welcome to join!

:heart: GG

(Greygal) #52

Can always hand-wash underwear, leggings, tshirts, etc., in the bathroom sink using shampoo or hand soap… or laundry detergent! Should be able to get one of those little laundromat coin-op detergent boxes on board!

(Mafone) #53

This looks like a great idea was looking for something to replace fanfest. :sunglasses:

Need to check flights etc from Scotland.
Although will probably traveling alone - is there any plans for ppl to share cabins with as not sure anyone I know will be coming?
Any chance we can get CCP to arrange any of the other CCp north american events close to this and I could make a fortnight of it. Although at the moment any dates from CCP would be good.

(Greygal) #54

I’ve set up a discord server for everyone who is interested in and/or already reserved a cabin for the cruise! Won’t be very busy or have many people in it for a bit, but everyone is welcome! (link updated December 8, 2018)

I set up a channel for people looking for a cabin-mate to post, so feel free to post that you’re looking to share there! You’ll likely be the first one to post :smiley:

(Hildulfr) #55

So time to get serious about this. Working on flights from Virginia to Seattle. I’ll have a +1 and 2 of my coworkers are thinking of coming along. I’ll be calling Norwegian next week to put in our reservations.

Oh…and I coulnd’t get the Discord link to work.

(Greygal) #56

Hrm… odd… try this Discord link, not sure what went wrong with the original one. @Hildulfr

(Elanore Wansmore) #57

I live in Alaska. Can I board somewhere in state and disboard also in state along the route to bypass having to fly to Seattle and return to Seattle just to have to fly home again? :slight_smile:

(Greygal) #58

I believe you can, but don’t quote me on that! I suggest calling Vijay (our group specialist) and ask him about the possibility of booking a ticket boarding at a port other than Seattle.

The land stops in Alaska are (in this order):

then Victoria (Canada) then back to Seattle.

Concievably, you should be able to board in Skagway and disembark in Juneau or Ketchikan, bus/drive/fly as works best for you, but again, I do not know for certain. I would assume that the rate charged would be different, too, but again, don’t quote me on it, best to call Vijay! - let me know what he says!


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Congrats to FC Greygal for being awarded honorary status on the EVE World Tour!

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That was so cool! I swear I did a little yipe and squee at my computer when I heard that! :heart: CCP :heart: