Cruisers of Eve: ALASKA - 7 day cruise from Seattle to Alaska! June 30, 2019-July 7, 2019


(Greygal) #61

All of the solo studios are now sold out. If you are cruising alone and wanting someone to share a cabin with, hop into our Discord (linked just above) and ask around, there are several looking to share!

(Lecroix Demonge) #62

I would dearly love to go, Greygal, but travel at that scale is just not an option for me.

(Greygal) #63

Rates for cabins have changed, as of January 1, 2019. They’ve actually changed a bit every month, but this month they changed quite a bit, being within 60 days of the pay-by date.

Most of the lower tier/cost cabins have gone up by between $100-$300 per person, while most of the higher tier/cost cabins have stayed about the same or gone slightly down (Haven has gone down a lot, while mini suites are about $100 cheaper than they were).

(Greygal) #64

Friendly reminder! You need to reserve (and pay) for your cabin by March 1st, 2019, in order to be guaranteed that you will receive the above-listed group bonuses and other group stuff.

If you book so late you are not considered part of the group booking, I’ll do what I can to ensure you still get T-shirt, dinner, etc., but again, I can’t guarantee it, especially if your booking is well past the time when I’ve confirmed the group dinner, ordered the T-shirts, etc. Get in touch with me if you’re going to be booking past (especially long past) March 1st, 2019, and let me know what’s up so I can do what I can to make it work :smiley:

You CAN reserve and pay for a cabin after March 1st, 2019, however, you might not get all the group bonuses, rebates, Tshirt, etc.

FYI: I’ll be ordering the T-shirts in early to mid May. I’ve had a number of requests asking if it is possible to buy just the T-shirt. This should be possible, depending upon costs and hassle/time factor, etc. If its something I will be able to do and follow up on, I’ll set up a form for people who are NOT going on the cruise to be able to buy/order a T-shirt a couple of weeks before I order the T-shirts, probably late April to early May.

(Greygal) #65

Currently, as of January 14:

  • NO Solo Studios left
  • VERY FEW inside cabins left (now for two people, rate is now $4,304.82 total w/all taxes/etc. - about $2152.41 per person)
  • VERY FEW balcony cabins left (now for two people, rate is now $5,624.82 total w/all taxes/etc. - about $2812.41 per person)
  • FOUR oceanview rooms are left (now $5,564.82 total for two people w/all taxes/etc. For another $100, you can get a balcony (bigger room/higher deck))

The $50.00 has been renewed yet again, and is currently only guaranteed through January 22, so call and reserve NOW!

As always, prices are subject to change!

As to joining the cruise and/or leaving the cruise in a port other than Seattle, I was told: “Everyone must initially board in Seattle, however, they can end the cruise at any of the stops. So if someone wanted to leave the cruise in Ketchikan, for example, that’s not a problem, just check out and disembark.” As to whether or not leaving the cruise early would result in lower cost, he was unable to answer me specifically for this cruise, but stated that in general, leaving early is not lower cost, due to not being able to rebook that same cabin with someone else.

We can reserve meeting space at no additional cost! If we need AV equipment (projectors, etc.) they do have “nominal” rental fees for that equipment. Availability, scheduling, costs, etc., will be available after the pay-by date (March 1).

(Squizz Caphinator) #66

I’m not sure you mentioned it, can I book online?

(Greygal) #67

I mentioned it twice :smiley: teasing Granted, I have a LOT of words up there!

Short answer is no. If you do book online, you won’t get the group bonuses etc.

To book a cabin, you MUST call our Cruise Specialist, and book directly with him.

  • Our Cruise Specialist is Vijay Pradeep (pronounced “Vee Jay”)
  • His DIRECT PHONE NUMBER is: 1-954-514-4422
  • He is available Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday 9am-6pm (Eastern Time Zone)
  • If you get voice mail, leave your name, phone number, and our group number, and he’ll call you back. (He’s always called me back same day or next.)
  • If you cannot reach him by phone for some reason, or an international phone call is going to cost you, contact me with your information and I’ll contact Vijay and make the reservation for you.
  • When you call to book your cabin, you will need our group number, your name, address, date of birth, and credit/debit card number to make your deposit (currently $50, through at least January 22nd, 2019). He will provide you with confirmation number, and if you are not already a member of the Latitudes club, let him know and he’ll get you set up with a Latitudes member number.

(Greygal) #68

As of January 17th, ONLY 2 of the “spa balcony” are left. I’m not sure if that’s the “spa balcony suite” cabin or the “spa balcony” cabin, but either way, there’s only 2 of them left :smiley: