CryoTech Developments - Returning/Experienced Players welcome [EU TZ]

Looking for great space and great members to be in a corp with that is relaxed and has minimal requirements?

Look no further!

  • We offer good company, good space and a whole lot of potential.
  • Be it moon/ore mining, industry, ratting, or PI we have it all.
  • Local refining and manufacturing, buyback system in place.
  • A corp that is very active and works as a team.
  • Gurista rats with 10/10 market zone, data and relic sites, multiple systems for ratting/mining/PI

Our one and only requirement is that Mercoxit belongs to corp.

We can offer you space you want to be in, the rest is up to you.
We understand real life happens and respect that.
Our space is your playground for you to make it what you want.

Join the “CryoTech recruitment” channel or contact Darkligh 81 in game for any queries.

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