Industrial Corp With Daily Moons

Looking for knowledgeable players to join the corp. We defend our ■■■■ and love industrious hard asses.


So. Where does Geo-Tech Industries operate?

And why, as a peace-loving miner, should I join a corp that has been in 36 wars this year alone (not including the current one)?

36 wars and like any self respecting high sec corp we don’t lose ships to war decs, just ganks. If you want to join lemme know!


Recruitment still open and looking forward to new people :slight_smile:

Still looking for friendly and industrious people!

Bumping. For those concerned about wars it’s the price of being a successful high sec corp! Also good practice for all other areas of EVE.

For more information join Geo-Tech Recruitment in game or send me a pm. Fly safe.


There are a lot of castles in the sandbox. I like building castles and not letting others knock them over.

We enjoy building castles and we show up to defend ours. Drop by the in game Channel Geo-Tech Recruitment!

Daily bump.

Daily bump, hoping to find new friends for the corp :slight_smile:

New info, we are now offering pvp opportunities along with our mining and industry. Armor cruiser roams and small fleet pvp in low sec.

Join Geo-Tech Recruitment in game for questions, comments, or invites. Fly Safe.


Daily bump. US TZ member numbers are increasing but we are still interested in more US and EU members. Join Geo-Tech Recruitment in game for a convo and to answer any questions you may have. Fly safe.

Daily bump. Fun fact, we have an event dwarf thingy in our system!

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