Geo-Tech Industries Recruiting!

Geo-Tech Industries is an industrial focused corp, based in high sec, with access to moon belts and a strong corporate infrastructure.

Even though we are mainly an industrial corp, we also enjoy pvp.

What we offer:

  • Active, friendly people who can take a joke and like to hangout and have fun

  • Access to moon belts

  • Good corporate infrastructure

  • .1% taxes

  • No mandatory ops (unless corp defense)

  • Corporate (high sec) courier service

  • Good location: high sec, close to trade hubs, low sec and 0.0

  • Experienced people in all aspects of EVE that are happy to share their knowledge.

What we are looking for:

  • Active and friendly people to add to our existing member base.

  • Miners and industrialists who have an interest in pvp (pvp is not a requirement but a preference)

  • People with a “we” and “us” mindset.

What we require:

  • People that want to be active with the understanding that real life comes first

  • Ability to listen on comms (Discord) - Microphone not required

Interested in joining? Having questions?

Join our channel Geo-Tech Recruitment or send one of our recruiters a mail.

Contact Info:

Nikodiemus - Recruiting

Public Channel - Geo-Tech Recruitment


What TZ is the corp mainly active in?

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