Geo-Tech Industries Recruiting


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Geo-Tech Industries is a high sec industrial focused corp with access to moon belts and strong corporate infrastructure. We are EU heavy but are gaining in US TZ members. Recently the corp has opened up some pvp opportunities for members that like both industry and pew.

Speaking for myself I have been an industrialist for many years in this game and I can’t think of a better place to be. People are friendly and the benefits are substantial. Also, no stupid rules or bossy leaders.

Extra details: 0% tax, no mandatory ops except corp defense CTA, Caldari space, low sec access, close enough to trade hubs that you won’t dread transporting your goods.

Join Geo-Tech Recruitment channel in game if you are interested in joining or simply have questions.

Fly safe

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Daily bump

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Daily bump

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We have daily moons! Oh, and bump!

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Daily bump

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Been a while since my last bump but we added some new benefits to corp. Join Geo-Tech Recruitment channel in game for details.
Fly safe.