Geo-Tech Industries Recruitment OPEN

Geo-Tech Industries is an industrial focused corp in high sec. We have access to daily moon belts and strong corporate infrastructure. We are EU heavy and US medium zoned, welcoming players from both time zones. We have members fluent in English (duh) Swedish, French, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish and Bad English.

While [GOTEK] is an industrial corp, we encourage PVP activity and have options that are pure pew.

What we offer:

  • Active, affable people who can take a joke and like to hangout and have fun

  • Access to moon belts with null and rare ore

  • comprehensive corporate infrastructure

  • .0.1% taxes (it’s an accounting thing)

  • No mandatory ops (unless corp defense)

  • Corporate (high sec) courier service

  • Good location: high sec, close to trade hubs, low sec and null

  • Experienced people in all aspects of EVE that are happy to share their knowledge.

What we are looking for:

  • Active and friendly people to add to our existing member base.

  • Miners and industrialists who have an interest in pvp (pvp is not a requirement but a preference)

  • Players with a “we” and “us” mindset.

What we require:

  • People who want to be active and contribute, but real life always comes first.

  • Ability to listen and communicate on comms if you are asked. Shy people are VERY welcome, just be able to listen and follow orders in a pinch.

Interested in joining? Have questions?

Join our channel Geo-Tech Recruitment or send one of our recruiters a mail.

Contact Info:

Nikodiemus - Recruitment, Diplomacy

Public Channel - Geo-Tech Recruitment

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