CSM 12 - Rolling Updates

As with my previous term I will be continuing to track both CSM 12 attendance, produce fortnightly updates, and in general keep you guys up to date on what we’re doing. I’ve also decided to experiment with making an audio version as I recieved requests to do so, so if you prefer that, let me know. In addition I started a fresh attendance tracker here.

CSM 12 Inaugural Update & Communication Plan - Audio Version

Weeks 3 & 4 Update

CSM Podcast Episode 4 (May)

Weeks 5 & 6 Update

Weeks 7 & 8 Update

Weeks 9 - 12 Update

CSM Podcast Episode 5 (June)

Weeks 13 & 14 Update

Weeks 15 - 19 (August) Update & Summer Summit Summary

Weeks 20 - 23 Update

CSM Podcast Episode 6 (September)

Weeks 24 - 26 Update

Weeks 27 - 30 Update

Weeks 31 - 35 (November) Update


“look mom, found new bedtime stories to read! :blush:

thanks for the link in the other thread.

wait, audio? … ah, google docs…

I was planning to do an audio version originally, but I ended up not continuing to do so as it wasn’t used much :slight_smile:

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“CCP was very forthcoming in acknowledging the problems that we presented, but less so in committing to address them in the near future.”

What problems you presented?


no minutes till Vegas?


Tie your shoelaces Jin :smiley:

Will there be any news on PvE and the (now gone) “breathing fresh air in Empire space” part of the winter expansion?

What problems?

Cheat stix are bad, more credit cards win EVE, goons injecting bajillions per second into EVE, pressing FONE is zee goodestestestet player in EVE and only needs 8636787602570610856180467956194675667356ß256780562557 accounts, must I continue?

That’s why I asked which problems was presented.

I just saw the attendance figures. Are the US guys finding the times an issue as they have by far the lowest attendance records?

Attendance for Employed US csm members has always been an issue.

The good news is that the weekly meetings are the least important thing on the CSM. Mostly it’s a catchup session with our coordinators. There’s a bunch of stuff happening on hipchat through the week.

You are aware I’m under an NDA, and as such news as to what CCP is/isn’t doing by legal necessity has to come from them, right?

I can say that we talked about Hisec however, specifically within the context of how Faction/Security standings weren’t explained in client, and a host of other information issues.

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Well, the primary problems I was focused on were the underlying problems with Structures (the fact that they make PvP incredibly TZ dependant, that there’s no ‘small’ option for lower level players, the lack of a need to maintain them leading to spam), Nullsec Sov mechanics and how they disincentivise combat & Balance and how it tends to come in 6 month spurts rather than being an iterative process.

But beyond that, Lowsec is still a pain point (probably always will be, just due to the tension of the space being on the middle ground between ‘safety’ and ‘no safety’), and PvE dearly needs a re-balance in all areas of space to make it more dangerous. Reducing the ability of Supers/Carriers to rat aligned and able to instantly warp out, for example, is a big want of mine.


Mmmkay… certainly a man is master of his silence and slave of his words.

But then, also nobody hides the good news.

People often hide good news if they’re legally obliged to not share it. I’d like to remain on the council, as it turns out. Wait for the minutes, and you’ll have more answers :slight_smile:


Weeks 20 - 23 Update is up!

Also, the CSM Podcast Episode 6 is live!

An update based on news revealed at EVEVegas: you and your fellow CSM members opinions on the planned changes? Also, changes in the NES in regards to accelerators. Thank you.

That’s more difficult than one would expect - It’s fairly difficult to encourage people to write and explore their opinions as much as I do.

I do plan to provide a Fortnightly Update soon with my own opinions on the reveals as soon as possible - Just started Uni here so my time is very constrained.


Weeks 24 - 26 Update is up!

Sorry about the delay, University is kicking my arse.

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Don’t worry, that’s not going to be a thing. Was caught by CCP before it even made it to us.

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Weeks 27 - 30 update is up! Read it or don’t <3