CSM 13 - Null sec Issues/Suggestions/Ideas


(Ember Fireheart) #61

That would make npc null one hell of a blast.

(Xain deSleena) #62

Hi Brisc
I would like the CSM to find out if CCP is trying to overcome the core issue that causes TIDI to be introduced to a system during large fleet fights.
I have written an open invitation in the General Discussion section for CCP to answer about my TIDI question but I am going to try through the CSM instead as I have not received a response from a CCP Developer.
It seems that CCP is not being asked specific questions anymore since most of the player base indicate that it is impossible to resolve the cause of TIDI due to EVE Online running in single threaded mode.
I have painfully endured the effects of TIDI through almost all the major battles of the past and often wonder why I put myself through that.
Lately there were big fights where the game was able to handle around 5,000 players in the one system. Yet with TIDI running at 10%.
To put it plainly can you discuss with your CSM colleagues if pursuing a resolution to the TIDI problem is worthwhile?
If not then I know that I have to decide if playing a game at 10% of real time is worth enduring anymore.

(Brisc Rubal) #63

I know that they are upgrading servers and equipment as much as possible, and they’re also finishing up the 64 bit version of the game (which is now slated, hopefully, for winter of this year/early next year).

The thing, however, is that TIDI is actually the solution to a bigger problem, not a problem itself. Back in the days before TIDI, when too many folks loaded, you just had black screens, random socket closes, and horrible lag that made it impossible to do anything. TIDI, at least, still allows the game to be played, even if it’s slower than usual and some modules don’t work as well as they’re supposed to. The game prior to TIDI was almost unplayable. TIDI has made these bigger fleet fights possible, even if they’re in slow motion. Without it, we couldn’t have those massive battles at all.

I don’t think they’re ever going to stop trying to optimize the servers and make them better, but there’s a limit to what can be done technology-wise, which is why EVE is the only game that really does it this way.

(elitatwo) #64

Why not just leave NPC null as it is? See it as a null training ground. Let NPC have a local, so you can talk to people.

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #65

Fuckin leave inty nullification alone plz, it’s the only way small hunting gang can catch stuff
Don’t kill small gang pvp thx mate

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #66

Also, put 15min delay of chat log writing so that intel programs like NEAR2 become irrelevant

(Rina Cotte) #67

With changes coming to null sec with more new STRU. It’s time we request a bigger wasteland and buff zone like we wanted years ago. The space has been the same for years let’s get some changes going. Make a official request for more NPC space please, and at least other 1,500 to 3,000 solar systems to add. Not all space needs to be owned or what ever. So their to much space to jump? Well that’s why we need to bring back the jump bridges. This wont kill pvp but add more too it. Their is no waste land always something that needs to be scan down and sites to run. Yes, eve dot map shows who hunting in space.

(Rina Cotte) #68

This wont matter if your in large alliances, they will juts blob you with a cyno :).

(Sepheir Sepheron) #69

This a thousand times this

(Mingja) #70

When local bugged, no one had an answer to that immediately. That’s why people docked. If it would be to become the norm, people will adapt. Not saying whether this is a good thing or not, but noone can predict the outcome.

(Millard Audene) #71

Sierra Grey

Jun 24

Some kind of scanner probes for detecting cloaked ships.

How about a module, either fitted to fortizars and keepstars that can emit a triggered pulse that will decloak all ships in system, or a ship module, that can do the same with say a 300km radius and has a five minute cooldown. You could even make it use fuel.

The localized on-grid ship module would probably be easiest to implement. Maybe make it exclusive to the interceptors that are getting nullification removed. Though I think it would go well with the interdictor/HIC role as well. To counter interceptor decloaking gangs on gates, make the gate cloak immune to the effect, only active cloaking devices.

(Agatko) #72

Nullsec is fun as it is.

The removal of immunity of for example claws is just the same as removing content from the game. On one side theres complains about endless grinds on the other side you make it harder to disturb that same grind.

Also the talk about fortification and stuff. Theres many ways to circumvent that already, wormholes cyno’s, its really not that hard.

With wormholes you need to be lucky true, but maybe some long range jump bridige connections between pirate null would solve that (jump bridges everyone can use). Camping these long range jump bridges can become ocntent to.

(Gragnor) #73

New suggestion - Pocket Battleships - T2 Battleship Hull with just Capital weapon fittings. Bonus’s only to damage eg Projectile, Railgun, Laser and Missiles. No Drones. Tracking like a Battleship. Basically a smaller platform for bigger guns. Hull performs just like a battleship.

Flame away.

(Kaitenn) #74


actually there is a lot of problem in the overview (I started eve in 2008 and it never changed)=

It needs to show all or hide all time option because you modify your overview actually all overview is hide bracket…

Enable to choose the size of structure and not only the type (exemple athanor land it’s a big problem)

Possible to choice colour or icon

Simplify the settings or detailed more the options

Possibility to inject fast other full overview settings (very appreciated ) not multiple bracket inject


Rebalance the titan caldari, the least love, why?

Missile use is a problem under tidi 10%, it takes 5 minutes for 300km of travel to hit the target.

So there is a possibility to have fleet smartbomb to explode missile, so 300km 5minutes and the possibility of not reaching the target.


Remove the hit points on the capital missiles (avoid smart bomb problem)

Increase the speed of the missile but reduce flight duration

Propose bonus for titan for a target painter capital (because currently even on a capital it is hard to apply damages)


Bridge option using right click on module (not on capacitor) possible of bridge on selected cyno, would be strongly appreciated.

(is just two line script , a 30 minutes problem solved and lot of people appreciate after ccp )

other options

have a travel option with jump gate

Increase the number of bookmark or fitting, possible storage on cloud or in the computer.

Important proposal to reduce the number of isk estimate in the new eden. -> use the same mechanics as the one in wormhole, for the destruction of citadel in nullsec, I do not understand why concord recovers the items. Because :

1- It’s not roleplay

2- We live in nullsec and life is not a kiwi (easy).

3- There will be more content or obligation to defend / pay mercenary to defend = More content if it’s the same as in WH.

4- There will be an excitation of the player on his killmail and the possibility of loot, if it’s the same as in WH.

It would be highly appreciated if CCP can take a look at my post because I think those modifications are really important

Good day all

(Ajax Oriki) #75

Oh hey, I actually thought of something. Can we make small structures more expensive to build in Nullsec? I’d hate to see Raitaru spam become a more popular means of harrassing sovereignty holders. I understand that they need to be cheap for small hi-sec and lowsec corps, but they become obnoxious in the hands of large nullsec blocs. There are tons of different ways this could be handled I’m not going to sit here and write out all of them; I’m more interested in just introducing the idea.