CSM 15: Dhuras

Hey hey, I’m Dhuras and I’ve been running one of the oldest small-mid size WH alliances for almost a decade, and I’m running to be an advocate for the wormholers and everyone flying in smaller corps on the CSM. I’m interested in pushing for CCP to try doing more B I G risky mechanics changes (as long as they are thoroughly thought through first). Those kinds of changes are exciting and keep the game fresh. (hey, maybe an overhaul on mining mechanics to make it an actually interesting and engaging activity?)

I would also be an advocate for changing mechanics to encourage more fights, for example:
-Removing or at least greatly changing asset safety from most structures, so there is more of an incentive to blow them up to get what’s inside.
-Removal of lowsec gate guns, all they do is cause people to play aggression games and prevent solo/small gangs of frigs/dessy’s from engaging on gates.

Campaign video: https://youtu.be/3aPiRcc836k

My EVE story:
Started playing around 2009, had no idea what I was doing for a long time, did a bunch of HS missions and ventured into lowsec now and then, eventually doing a brief stint in nullsec. Through a convoluted series of events I barely remember anymore, met a bunch of guys in an alliance making the big brain move to try and take over the Milal loop. It completely failed, but a bunch of the line members that all liked each other went to do wormholes and we’ve been there ever since.

These days I’m running MOIST., showing people new to wormholes how to live in them, doing small gang PvP where we can find it, doing some indy on the side, and when I’ve got time throwing a memey eve video together.

In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

I’ve at least dabbled in most mechanics in eve so at a minimum I’ll have a passing knowledge of any system; I’m well rounded. I’ll be most at home when CCP needs feedback on anything involving wormholes, PvP ship balance, especially as it relates to small gang fight or small scale structure bashes. I also have a decent amount of experience doing manufacturing and R&D.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

Because I want to see someone on there who will represent the interests of wormholes, and those people running the many, many, small-mid size alliances in EVE. Someone’s gotta be on there to make sure any upcoming changes don’t place undue obstacles for corps and alliances that want to be able to accomplish something without needing to become a zerg horde.

And someone has to get CCP to give the rokh more cap and another mid.

What can players expect from you?

I’ll be as active a CSM member as possible, I’ll be at every meeting I can attend, and If people want to lobby me about X issue to be brought up to CCP I’m always happy to talk.

Where can players learn more about you and what you do?

Your best bet is probably my mediocre Killboard or the MOIST. youtube channel.

Do you have a CSM Campaign video?

Its linked in the post with the description “campaign video”

It’s pretty good, I like it.

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Thanks man!

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