CSM 15 Inaccessibility for registration

So after a lot of edits of this forum & being accused of being blind it turns out the CSM application website was/is having technical difficulty.

A) The email address was wrong.

B) The ability to apply for CSM maybe missing for candidates as the tab appears on some page loads and not on others.

He was complaining that the form wasn’t on the CSM page. Which it was. He just can’t read.

And couldn’t read when I told him where it was in Discord.

https://web.archive.org/web/20200429224326/https://www.eveonline.com/article/q95kuc/csm-15-all-you-need-to-know if you want to look at it from over a week ago.

Looks like Brewlar is just incapable of reading.

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I edited it because solution was provided by you & the fix confirmed.

Sorry better crop, they’ve got wrong email too.

I’ll poke them over that email there. Not that anyone who’s used the internet would think it’s a valid email.

The correct one is in the accompanying documentation.


Thanks for bringing this up. I must have missed the link there. Added it now for convenience.

The email address should also now be updated! I am looking forward to receiving your application :slight_smile:

Are you ever going to answer my question Brewlar? I’ve been very patient.

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Brewlar continues to instill confidence in me that his IT aptitude will pave the way for an end to botting once and for all.

(Love the victimization intro, by the way, “So after a lot of [… accusations] of being blind”)

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Hey, hey, now… let’s not get offensive.

It’s ‘visually impaired’. :smirk:

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I now know exactly how Brisc Rubal feels, I do nothing wrong but I am slandered by CSM Steve Ronuken as being blind when in fact there were at least 3 errors confirmed by CCP on the CSM page.

A) The apply for CSM button does not appear for all users on all occasions.
B) The email address was indeed wrong.
C) When completing the application CCP are not receiving it.

Instead of properly investigating these error’s the current CSM by way of agent Steve Ronuken viciously slandered my competence & called me blind.

He’s not yet apologised for this but I think he may have helped CCP Dopamine resolve the issue.

Agent? Seriously? Agent of who?

And you’re one to talk. Sure, you’ve edited your post to be more civil now, but it started off being a bare accusation of CCP trying to game the submissions of CSM ballots, to just people they like.

And yes, the email address was wrong on the application form. Which you’d only have known, if you’d seen the form. On the web page talking about the application process, it was correct. And did you really think that csm-contact@ccpgames was a valid email address? Seriously?

And just for reference, I did go and look at the pages (other than the applicaiton form) when you mentioned them. Which is when I told you were to find the link. That was through Discord. You didn’t, at that time, respond, and instead posted this forum topic (which was a lot harsher to begin with)

And yes, I brought it to Dopamine’s attention. If you’re waiting for an apology, however, you’ll be waiting a long time.

And just for reference, insulted, not slandered. ‘incapable of reading’. Which is obvious hyperbole, considering the medium. Unless you’re talking about discord where I did ask if you were blind. Again, pretty obvious hyperbole.


Ah yes, a minor inconvenience because you couldn’t find a link is exactly the same as having your potential legal career jeopardized due to an allegation of violating an NDA agreement which you’d have to report to your state’s bar association potentially resulting in discipline or sanctions.


Nothing like having someone running for CSM who only finds fault with others, but can’t look at themselves as having done anything wrong. At this point, I’m surprised he’s even able to play EVE with it being a PVP game. He’s the type of person who sits at home, looking for things to be offended and mad over. Seriously dude, grow a pair and HTFU.


I have said before, publicly and privately, that there are three types of people who make for very dangerous CSM Candidates - because they derail the functions of the CSM and waste everyone’s time:

1. Players who obsessively focus on only one or two personal agenda items to the exclusion of all else
(a strong desire to see your interests driven is a bonus, but not if you can’t hear other opinions)

2. Players who are incapable of expressing civility and calm
(passion is commendable but not when you can’t express your opinions without some degree of composure and observance of decorum - worse yet: belligerence, aggression, insults, or vehemence)

3. Players who are inimical to CCP Games and the other CSM Candidates
(strong convictions are great but not if you can’t cooperate in a room of professionals, and not if you walk into every encounter looking for a fight or some position to ‘win’)

Unfortunately, from every evidence, Brewlar is all three.


@Jurius_Doctor you also forgot to mention

4. Players who fail to generate good/relevant ideas or make meaningful contributions, who perceive and attempt to solve non-existent problems, who fabricate poor solutions to problems (both actual and non-existent) and/or who suggest features that do not actually enhance the game or add a new interesting dimension but are rather unnecessary or obtrusive to the existing experience - in all cases without regards to their efficacy, emergent consequences, or alternatives/counterpoints raised by the community.
(In other words, players whose mental processes are indicative of gross incompetence, stubbornness, closed-mindedness, and shortsightedness, and whose ideas are not grounded in reality)


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