Its so easy a blind man can do it

That is my motto. leavwiz (industry ) and dorfsorc (combat) are my main characters. 12 years in EVE. as one of EVE’s few blind players my perspective on the game may be a bit different. It takes patience and working with others. Although i am not a member of a giant alliance. i am in one of the oldest in the game. this experience has made me want to continue helping people stay in the game and enjoy it.
I served on the SOE community group for 4 years so i have experience in representing players. Please consider me for the upcoming CSM’


Which SOE group?

i was on the community group , across all SOE games, i represented Vanguard Saga of Heros .

Nice. I was on SOE’s Player Correspondent team during Star Wars Galaxies back in the day.

the meetings at SOE live in Las Vegas were always fun. the skype meetings with the choppy chat were comical at times. Was sad when it all ended so suddenly, but at least i still had EVE

i have attended EVE fanfests in Las Vegas, but would love to see Iceland again. I havent been back since my military days at keflavik

It is official. i am seriously running for CSM. I am hoping that my interactions with players throughout the game have left a positive impression and will gain some votes for me. I do not have a list of political promises, only an assurance that i will represent a broad spectrum of players. If you have never heard of me, feel free to convo me on my combat guy Dorfsorc. (be forwarned, he is also a recruiter).

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