CSM 15: Storm Delay

Hi everyone,

I’m Storm Delay, I’ll start with a very quick history of my time in EVE and then I’ll talk about what I believe I can bring to the CSM.

2011: First time I tried eve, only for a trial period. Liked the game, but my studies didn’t leave me the time or money to invest into it at the time.
2013: Played for a few months with some friends, mostly exploring in nullsec and wormholes. Quit when my friends did.
2016 and onward: joined Pandemic Horde during WWB, started FCing in the aftermath of it, and eventually became an alliance director following that path.

Stuff I’ve done in EVE:

  • FCing everything from fozzie claws to supercaps, though my personal favourite will remain bombing nerds.
  • EVE NT and similar tourneys like the latest 5v5 tournament, I’m still terrible at it but it’s a load of fun.
  • Alliance/corp admin of all kind (members, structures, etc), including part of Horde’s IT infrastructure.
  • New player integration and mentorship.

The main topics I’m interested in and feel like I can contribute toward are new players retention and structure/sovereignty mechanics as conflict drivers.

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Do you have a campaign video?

afkdelay, sorry but your csm14 application is about 12 months late my guy
how do you expect us to vote for someone who’s been AFK from eve for the last what 2 years?

whats your plan for new players retention and what your plan for structure/sovereignty mechanics as conflict driver after you’ve been afk for this ammount of time?

You aren’t supposed to point it out, it’s socially faux pass. Just ask the candidate a reasonable question about their campaign or CSM preparedness. If they don’t answer than the non-answer speaks for itself.


Only been AFK a year or so to sort some of my life, and even then I was still around, mostly helping with alliance IT because it’s what was best fitting my available time. I’ve been back and getting more active in game for a while now, else I wouldn’t bother with the whole CSM thing.

I don’t have a big plan that I’ll push CCP to implement, that would be misunderstanding the role of the CSM.

Regarding conflict drivers, my opinion is that the current citadel model is too restrictive and blocks escalation paths instead of rewarding them. As an example, POSes encourage both the attacker and the defender to bring capitals to contest the objective, whereas citadels with their damage cap, anticap mechanics, and lack of counter plays strongly disincentive bringing capitals as an attacker.

As for new player retention, I obviously don’t have a magic bullet, but I do have direct experience as mentioned which I believe would make my feedback useful to CCP.


Good luck mate!

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