CSM 15: Torvald Uruz

My Eve story:
I first started Eve over 10 years ago, in September of 2009 as a freshman in high school. The first few years of my Eve life were spotty, filled with spurts of missions in high sec then taking breaks. In 2012/2013 I finally decided to try the real Eve and dabble into areas such lowsec and nullsec. I bounced back and forth, between the two for a few years. I would join a nullsec group and try to live and love the gameplay but it never quite stuck. Sometimes I’d stick around during times of big conflict and action, but ultimately, I always came back to where I felt content was greatest – Faction Warfare lowsec.

I ended up scrapping my original main (SGTheron Shal’tek) due to not being a big fan of the name I had come up with years earlier, and because my skill points were all over the place. Skill extractors gave me the ability to remake myself into a new toon, transferring the SP I wanted to keep for subcap skills and selling the rest. In October of 2017 I decided my life was in FW and that is where I’d stay. Nullsec had its moments, but ultimately for my life and game style nullsec was not for me. The timer warfare, alarm clock fleets, and awful day-to-day gameplay killed my spirit repeatedly.

I found what I genuinely loved in lowsec FW space, and it was made even better by joining a great group of people and pilots, Federation Uprising. The content was always good, whether I was going out solo to find some quick content or fleeting up in small gangs. On top of the day-to-day stuff we had alliance level fleets going on with objectives, so that side of the game was still open for me.

I stuck with FEDUP until the decision was made to go join TEST in the south, where I had to make the horrible decision of parting with most of my friends due to not being able to move back to nullsec and live that life. I started to get heavily into Abyssal content because it was a form of PvE that truly captivated me. There was nothing else like it, and I was genuinely excited to log on and do PvE, something I had never experienced before in Eve. From there I got into the Abyssal Proving Grounds PvP on top of streaming.

The past year and a half of my Eve life has been dedicated to Abyssal PvE/PvP as well as streaming and creating a community around that. The “Abyssal Lurkers” channel took off as a place for people to help each other out and chat about one of the more difficult PvE experiences in Eve.

Like all of you, I miss the Alliance Tournament A LOT and hope to see it come back one day. Something I’m extremely focused on and want to see in Eve is tournament style game play. Recently I’ve been working on hosting monthly Abyssal PvP Tournaments to get attention brought to this style of gameplay.

Areas of expertise:
Faction warfare lowsec, PvE/Abyssal deadspace, small gang/solo content, moon mining/industry. Something that’s extremely important to me that’s not in this game – tournament style gameplay. If we can’t get the Alliance Tournament back, I will fight tooth and nail as a CSM member to bring us some kind of tournament style gameplay so we can have something like that AT back. This one is huge to me.

Why I am Applying:
I truly love this game. There’s a reason why I’ve been here for over 10 years now and I want to take a chance to make this game better for all of us. I’ve always struggled in Eve as a casual until I found a home in faction warfare space and Abyssal PvE. Eve is huge, and has a little bit of everything for anyone. However, I feel like more attention and care needs to go towards the casual players who can’t dedicate hours on end to fleets and gigantic alliance/coalition level styles of gameplay. My focus is going to be on individual players and the gameplay aspect of Eve. I believe that we need more casual/smaller scale love that get players excited to do something, whether that’s PvE or PvP.

If you’re like me you’ve logged in, tried to grind something out to make money or to just simply play a game, and you get extremely bored and stop. Time and time again I found myself bored of ratting or mining, or waiting for fleets to form. Eve needs things to keep the individuals excited and occupied so they can play Eve as a game and not treat it like a job. I found this excitement in both faction warfare and Abyssal sites, where I can log on and enjoy content in 20 minutes or less without having to dedicate hours of time and energy into something that’s not fun just to make money.

What can players expect from me:
I feel the best thing I can do as a CSM is communication. My job would be to bring the concerns, wants, and needs from players to CCP and make sure that what CCP is presenting is good for us Eve players. I don’t have any motive other than making sure this game is the best that it can be and what happens to this game is good for all of us. As I said, my focus is the individuals in Eve and making sure that at the end of the day Eve is a fun game that people are excited to log into and spend time in.


Here’s all my stuff!

Abyssal Lurkers Discord
CSM15 Video


This one is easy.


You got my vote, Torvald! Not just because of your cool haircut :wink: but because of your genuine love of the game and the community, your willingness to listen to concerns and ideas of others, and, of course, your youthful exuberance :wink:


Torvald <3

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You got my vote Torv, you’d be a great person to have on the csm

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A CSM candidate that believes that a person doesn’t have to have a second job being a faceless F1 monkey in a large null sec corp to “enjoy” EVE? That solo and small group players need content and a voice on the development table? That’s what many of us are looking for in a CSM member. You have my vote.


I’m glad to see more streamers and media-types running for CSM. I look forward to working with you.

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For 15b ill vote for you :smiley: ohhh waitttt <3

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Everything sounds good, got my vote. Hopefully when you get elected, you won’t go sulk in the shadows and disappear from these forums like most CSM members usually do.


I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never actively used the forums up until this. That’s changing though! It’s really mobile friendly which is nice, so I’m making it my goal to be around on the forums at least once per day - with the intent of getting better at that!

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Alright that’s it give me the winnings back I change my mind. <3

Do you have a Campaign video I can watch?

I do not actually! I haven’t even thought about doing that until someone messaged me and mentioned it. In works now!

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You definitely have my support! I hope you get in!

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This guy logs into EVE each time with a smile on his face, you can tell that he is having fun in EVE and looks forward to playing it everyday.

This is the kind of person I want on the CSM. Someone who understands what makes EVE fun, someone who has a glint in his eyes about what the game could be. Someone who is an expert on his part of the universe and can represent people.

I will gladly give my vote to Torvald Uruz, and I hope he can effectively represent the Abyssal and FW community.


I will be voting for Torvald Uruz, I hope you all put him on your ballot too!


My man Torvald !!! You most certainly have my vote sir !!

I think you would be a super addition to the CSM and coming from a slightly different angle too. I like it. I think you have invaluable insight into an area CCP will want to improve !


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Too easy AF Stache :wink:

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Torvald’s enthusiasm for the game is hard to match. He has my vote!