CSM 16 - The universe is expanding – is EVE as well? Elect Shui JJ to CSM!

The universe is expanding – is EVE as well?

I had EVE on the hard drive as I purchased a new computer. Tried it shortly but stopped soon, sounded too complicated and I concentrated for a time on Elder Scrolls. But I came back a few years later, and for the last 8 years I am an almost daily guest in this exciting sandbox universe.

EVE – that is the game with the big fleets, massive online battles with hundreds of players, hours or even days spent in fleet chats, building fortunes and strongholds, hiding in (worm)holes, war against other corporations and alliances, wars and treason within corporations, drama and finally the honorable fight against alien invaders. But is that all?

EVE is also the game of the single players who pop in for a quickie after work, who like to relax while playing, to explore the universe, do a bit of this and a bit of that, everything is allowed as long as it is fun and does not feel like an obligation. We should not repeat our RL corporation battles in virtual life and playtime, that’s boring. And it is not the number of kill-mails that count.

What do I do in EVE? Mining, manufacturing, exploration, trading, mining, research, mission running, mining, ratting, sightseeing… Tested all aspects of EVE, lived in low-sec and wormholes, but need to rewind after work in a stress-free atmosphere, so I am back to mostly high-sec. And did I mention mining? The pandemic in RL certainly shows – it is not only arts, culture and tourism that counts, an economy also needs honest good work in producing something other than hot air.

And if you say – another typical care-bear, boring… Bears can be dangerous as well, never temp them!

My favorite ships: Gnosis, because it simply looks cool, and Orca as working horse for most of what I do.

Looking through the applications of fellow capsuleers I find a lot of representatives of big corporations and alliances, strong fighters, kings of low-sec – but I am missing the representatives of “the People”, all the individuals or small “mom and pap” corporations. I know that having the background of a big alliance helps you in the elections, like in RL the big political parties have it easier. But I am optimistic (or naïve?) enough to think everyone should have a chance. And 16 is my lucky number.

What can you expect from me in CSM16?

Being the voice of those not so fond of wars, corporation battles and lawless space, to help maintain stability and predictability and aim at a fair distribution of resources, available to all, in our beloved EVE universe while still being open for new adventures and changes that benefit all and not only a few and the strong. I would like to see more opportunities to explore unknown regions, sights and have adventures, that means expanding EVE and making it exciting again, and this not by just adding more Triglavians in an otherwise static and not expanding universe.

In RL am a senior manager in a multi-national company (where I can get all the stress and business drama I need :blush:), living in the lovely heart of Europe (Austria). For those of you not so familiar with Europe – Austria is the one without the kangaroos…

Happy to hear your thoughts people!


Wish you good luck with your fight!

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Thank you my friend! I do hope I am not fighting against windmills here…

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No, you fight just all the other guys and corporations :crazy_face:

welcome sister to fight the might!

Nice description and I share your experience… Without being member in a big corporation life in EVE is hard.

:fu: thanks please vote for me!

cheers and good luck!

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