CSM and CCP, stop screwing us over

Depletion of resources is the key. Make players move around, even scan down sigs if necessary. It is too easy and comfortable to completely mine an Ore site or Ice belt and then wait until another spawns in the same system, fully charged. I think Colossal Ore sites re-spawn every 20-30 minutes and Ice belts every 4 hours, which means you can mine all day, every day without ever running out of resources.

If all resources depleted like a regular Asteroid belt or the way PI is set up, it would mean more competition and as a result large alliances would somewhat have to break up to capture their necessary supply of resources.

I also believe that depleting resources would greatly effect the Rental Empires, considering the rules renters must follow when renting one or multiple systems.

Asteroid belts are a horrible example. They favour the same time zone every day, and should be changed to a timer based respawn mechanic as such.
PI doesn’t deplete like you think it does. There are fluctuating hot spots but the base level stays constant.


Which brand of tin foil do you prefer?


0.0 space:
I would like to see all sites (ore and rats) be removed from the game.
Mining from planets would produce PI stuffs, Mining from moons would bring moon goo and minerals, and the ice variants of those two would bring the ice. Make resources finite
For ratting let us pay mission agents to set up camp in our Citadels.


If you don’t want to pvp why are you in null sec? If you want to pve in null you’re going to have to pvp to defend your territory. You have it so easy you can just dock when someone enters local like what do you want a system that no one but you can enter so you can generate isk without any interference?

ha ha
my 5 minute stuck in place industrial core is “no risk” i guess
it also doesnt cost 6b, assuming a ghetto 2b fit+hull + 4b drones (admittedly these prices are changing right now)
idk what “skill” you are referring to but capitals take a lot of SP to get into and i don’t think eve online is a particularly high execution/skill ceiling game (most of the time)

key to what, praytell?

Honest one :stuck_out_tongue:

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SP =/= to skill

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As for skill, I didn’t mean SP but I get how you would be confused. As for rorquals sitting there changing what rock you drones mine takes basically no skill. As for the PvE aspect of null it’s not like high class WH sites where everything scrams you and if someone jumps in your gonna get caught.

It’s more like when you go to a casino and buy chip’s for real money, but the money you make from the chip’s comes from the players :]

You have to ask yourself one thing, why do 90% of people use Gila/Carrier/super/VNavy for pve, becuase it is so much better than any other ship for the same thing, the ship’s needed balance, personally I would prefer if every other ship got a buff but its easier to nerf a few rather than buff 200 ship’s.

Was in-charge of balance changes before for a game, it sounds easy, but it is by far not XD

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OK, those are fair points. What I was referring is the fact when a asteroid belt depletes it does not re-spawn at full strength like an ice belt or colossal site currently does.

I was trying to make the argument that ice belts, moon ores, null ore sites, etc… deplete and re-spawn weaker than the previous day if constantly mined bare.

Depleting resources will get players to move around and relocate, especially in null sec, where action is most needed.

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Trust me, CCP sells isk (in the form of plex).

Nope, that’s not how it works.

Allow me to rephrase, again.

CCP nerfs the ability to make isk, which will in turn increase their sales of PLEX, for players who want faster isk.

I personally make my isk in-game, and I buy plex, so I play free as long as I make the isk in game… CCP is nerfing my ability to do so, encouraging me to give them more money, instead.

If you don’t want to pvp why are you in null sec? If you want to pve in null you’re going to have to pvp to defend your territory. You have it so easy you can just dock when someone enters local like what do you want a system that no one but you can enter so you can generate isk without any interference?

Actually PVE in NS requires a lot of attention, to intel channels, local, etc… and knowing how to get away if people show up.

However, now CCP is nerfing the NSA (Networked Sensor Array) so that if you use it, you are ‘stuck’ for 60 seconds… why would they even change that? Other than they want to see more carrier deaths, because it’s good for their wallet.

This is all business 101… and the fact that the CSM has many ‘rich players’ in it, does not help…

They want to keep their power, and slow others so they can’t catch up.
And of course CCP wants money (because they ARE a business)…

So it’s alot like the US govt… you have a bunch of rich people, influencing the politicians, so that the 1% remains the 1%.

Unfortunately the CSM positions can be politically and financially bought, which means nothing is going to change.


Belts don’t keep depleting though, there is a per day refreshment amount which is set, and it takes about 3 days to fill the belt. What the depletion mechanic does is let you miss a day and not miss out on ore. Colossal sites, you miss some time you do miss some ore instead. You can debate which mechanic is better, but both refresh the ore in some way at a set amount per refresh period.

Ok then CSMs and CCP, you nerfed the site respawn timers, now leave them alone please.

of course it will, just like many other ‘fixes’ ccp make; the larger alliances if split would become coalitions but coalitions are on the whole harder to get or keep organised; which would be of use.

Of course you dont see it that way as you have an agenda that centres around using large fleets so YOU may NEED a large alliance but many in the game do not.

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So much entitlement…


Miners: Sadly CCP and CSM has almost always focused only on PvP unless they were nerfing the miners in some way. Notice how long it’s been since CCP “revised” the Ore ships upwards. Now we have converstation about nerfing the belt renewal.
Traders have not profited any more either - I’ll just say this - If you were actually there flying an Industrial you’d have drones hanging off that sucker like Christmas ornaments. There is NO reason apparently only Gallente Industrials should have drones.
WarDec’s Wars cost not just $ but resources - each additional war should COST MORE! Oh my but that might cut down on war! Thank God someone finally got some sense and realized that the new players were getting slaughtered wholesale in High Sec and leaving the game because of it.
High sec facilities Nice to have - but empires AND Concord should step in to defend those - no “STATE” likes lose cannons and mercenaries running amok within it’s borders. Tax at a low rate if you must or charge an “Installation fee to empire”, but the same mechanics as low and null make no sense either.

Just some thoughts.

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