CSM and CCP, stop screwing us over

Why would the ore ships need revising up. Also rorqual was one of the most recent ships buffed along with the orca and the porpoise being introduced.

“revised” the Ore ships upwards

Umm…wat? Mining has never been as safe or profitable as it has been recently…proof of that? Just look at the flooded mineral markets, massive amounts of stations/caps/supers/titans. NE is awash in ore and yet YOU want it to be easier!

empires AND Concord should step in to defend those

Just keep hitting that easy button…I’m sure EVE will be fun one day for you when you can PLEX your account and not even have to log in for weeks…

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So I have another IDEA about some guidelines for CSMs, etc, that will help to reduce ‘corruption’…

For instance, is it true that there are 4 CSMs who are part of Imperium?

Isn’t that a conflict of interests? How about have a rule that each COALITION can only have 1 CSM active?

Because to be honest, I am starting to think that the CSMs are NOT working for the players, but possibly against them.

And they are most likely going to favor rules and changes that benefit their own coalition.


CSM never worked for players. They work only for own profit. I play eve for few years and never saw or hear about CSM contacting community or any way asking what they want. They just sit and do things that suits their interests. But hey, they look good on adds and other marketing things.

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Brisc Rubal

Is it true that Karmafleet has 3 CSMs? How many CSM are there total?

mmmmmmm maybe it is because imperium = 30000 characters? who vote?
so the numbers of elected CSM members actually result from the numebrs of voting people?
how would it be fair to give the same number of CSM member to a 100man coalition and a 30 000 man coalition?
wake up man… this is a sandbox.

Let’s do that … oh wait, the corrupt politician got the boot.

And we now know why :smiley:

Nobody noticed that the OP replied to himself?

When it comes to fixing and balancing the economy, most of the economic issues are found in ratting. Eve generates 6.5 Quadrillion isk a month from it.

Its undeniable that this is largely impacted by the relative safety the null alliances have, likely, due to the nature of the large-coalition entities they belong to.

There is however an the topic of actual generation of the isk, that is, the super carriers and titan ratting that generate between 300 and 650million isk an hour. This needs to be nerfed.

I do not agree with spawn rate nerfs. I think its bad in concept to have players waiting or going out of their natural comfort zone (ie what systems they live/rat in) to find other means of content (in this case ratting).

A better change would of looked like changing capitals, and supers to have to rat against other capitals and suppers by removing their ability to target/kill subcapitals, in place of a super-cap/cap vs npc cap set of ratting sites.

This would also help distribute the ratting more evenly between new and old players, since new players would not have their potential content soaked up by isk hunger capital and super capital ships.

With a Player vs NPC cap engagement of sites, we could also control the isk rates to much more manageable numbers (like 150m/hr).

I think you need help reading the MER. Because eve does not make that much isk a month. There isn’t even that much isk in EVE total

PS. CCP just nerfed titans and supers.


As always you have no clue what your talking about, desperate for my attention.


As Nevyn said, you should look at the economic report, eve doesn’t have that much isk in the game let alone generate that much in a month.

To continue the discussion with out damaged goods boy over here for the rest of us who have mental faculty…

Its clear ratting is the primary form of income, and is significantly higher then others, it needed to be addressed in order to stabilize the economy, though i dont agree with ccp’s approach i think it was a good temp fix until more permanent options (like capital ratting sites) would be fixed.

Where does that say quadrillion?? Show me on the mer

First you realize that the total amount of ISK in the game is 1.307 Quadrillion starting
The ISK faucets add 119 Trillion ISk per month (quite a bit less than 6.5 quadrillion per month)
Ending the total amount of ISK at 1.336 Quadrillion

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Actually, its 7.1 Quadrillion, I miscounted.

Goons alone make 130 trillion a month (in various resources). In the end, damage goods, the point remains in tack, the amount of isk from ratting needed a bat nerf. I just happen to disagree with ccp on how they did it (i dont believe people should afk to play a game, or have to multibox to win or wait for content to respawn


How in the world do you get that number?

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Right there. Do you need a map, damaged goods? lmafo YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO READ THE ECONOMIC REPORT. OMFG.