CSM Aug 24 How do we do what we do updoot

Another week of the summer has gone by and meetings continue. As always I do not tell you what we talk about but I can predict that when it comes out we will be accused of doing too much, too little, ruining hisec and/or null and ignoring wormholes and lowsec. (based on long experience)

So, since I cannot tell you what we talk about, I thought I might enlighten you on HOW we talk. We have weekly meetings, live, they last about an hour and a half as they are scheduled to be one hour. This past week was unusual in that we did not have at least one secondary meeting with one team or another.

In addition to the weekly meeting(s) we have a few other avenues of access. A Slack is set up for pinging and direct text conversations. It is sorted by general categories, each inhabited by one or more teams as well as the higher up folks in the CCP foodchain. (That is a Burger joke, stay with me, son, stay with me) Allowing for timezones is part of the key to the Slack, not everything is answered right away because while I am typing? They is sleeping. And vice versa.

Lastly come the Wiki. This is where full proposals get floated, larger bullet-pointed lists, from both sides. I have started a few pages there, New Player Experience, for example. Feedback can be posted and specific conversations and comments logged. While this is the most detailed information transfer method it also feels (to me) to be the most passive.

The last method . . . the summit . . . is the opposite. It is the strongest tool and used to happen twice a year. But we are in a new world (and it is not a Brave one) and it is questionable where we will be come the time for a summit. If the world is still in the grips of Covid-19 then there are good odds that this will be a CSM term without a summit.

Understand that this is not me whining about not getting to go to Iceland. (Been there, seen the rotting sharks head.) It is a worry that we will be less effective as a result of the loss of this key tool. But who knows? Nothing has been decided as yet. I will keep you updated (or someone will)

So what does this mean for you? Well if you have read this far I know you are curious about how things are done in the CSM, maybe you have opinions on how CCP could make the game better. WE are the ones you talk through to CCP. Now I cannot speak for my fellow Council members but I will take notes when buttonholed in local or one of the many other channels I inhabit. I will not always agree with you but if you make a reasonable case I will let you know if I am carrying it forward (or if I am not) I have a small moleskine notebook, decorated with stickers by @Rixx_Javix, in which I keep CSM related notes etc. When the time comes? I hit the book and bring up the questions as the situation calls for it.

The CSM has Slack, Meetings, and a Wiki with CCP devs
Summit is a maybe . . .
I am still listening.



So… you aren’t working on lowsec.


I did not say that though I do see how you might infer it.

is what almost always happens when anything new comes out.

But, as I said, I do understand your inference. You are welcome to forward your lowsec concerns via the lowsec elected council member . . . oh, wait.

Well, I’ll listen.



You are supposed to communicate with us in code. Quit pretending that you aren’t!

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Some questions:

Since live/FaceTime meetings like the summit are the most productive, would it be worth it to have quarterly mini summits via the net which would last 3-6 hours or more or spread over a weekend a couple of hours each day? Understand that there is a time difference that must be accommodated, but you seem to be signalling that a doing reall time conversations accomplish much more than any text back and forth.

When can we expect a return to “normal” social interaction with CCP? Yes, they are on summer break, but there has been almost zero interaction with these forums despite some major changes and direction of development. E mails lay unacknowledged, tickets are created, show up in the system, and lay fallow for 5+ months with zero communications. Does both CCP devs and customer support just disappear for 4- 6 months?

It appears that some players are gaming the Arena content. Does CCP care or is it a case where anything goes?

Thanks for your continual updates and activity in game and in here. Brisc has his hands full…especially after his “hand in the dark” post. :no_mouth:

Okay, one at a time

Not all of the CSM are men of leisure like myself. Booking a single summit off is one thing, But multiple minisummits my test the patience of some employers. That said I would love to do one in September to get a firm feel for the current CCP. Which probably answers the second question, mid sept things start to get cooler and they have sunsets again.

It is Eve, of COURSE people will game the damn thing. But the question sI put to you . . . are you impressed by the cheaters? Think that they are fitting gods or master pilots? Or just master baiters? Playing with themselves to boost their self worth.


Well, I assume that you won’t be able to say anything even if you did know, but, what happened to Team Talos?

Um, I missed that one. What happened?

I don’t think so. There’s considerable value in live, in person meetings that can’t be replicated by zoom meetings, no matter how long they are. One of the biggest issues I’m having with the current CSM is that we don’t know each other and the chances of us ever getting to know each other are low because the potential for a live, in-person meeting is very low.

September, typically.

We’ve brought up the concerns, and they are aware of the issues.


More jokes, don’t worry.

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The areas are a joke. Anybody who takes them seriously :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

CCP shouldn’t waste any time trying to outsmart the players who are doing exactly what needed to be done.

Hello Mike,

Just wanted to update you on Market Bugs pertaining to various Apparel Items.

Men’s EDENCOM ‘Valiant’ Command Jacket
(Listed in Apparel / Women’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Men’s Triglavian Survival Suit (Liminality)
(Listed in Apparel / Women’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s EDENCOM ‘Valiant’ Command Jacket
(Listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s Triglavian Survival Suit (Liminality)
(Listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s Sisters of EVE Advanced Combat Suit
(Listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s Capsuleer Day XVII T-Shirt
(Listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Tops)

Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles
(No in-game Market listing yet 3rd party Market sites show active Buy / Sell orders for that item)

Recently I’ve noticed exceptionally long loading time to enter Character Customization. Also Character Animations are no longer working in the Fitting Screen of Character Customization. They no longer turn their heads, look around, stretch, shift their bodies or scratch their chins.

In the Portrait Screen of Character Customization there’s a color bleed effect that appears to be coming from the background which seems to show in the final Portrait of the character. The actual intensity of that is varied, possibly depending on which UI Color Scheme is chosen. It seems that on certain UI Color Schemes the effect is very apparent, whereas on other UI Color Schemes the effect is hardly noticeable.

Here’s a screen shot using UI Minmatar Color Scheme with the color bleed effect from the background showing in the Portrait Boxes:

Now I don’t know if that is causing the color bleed effect on the characters portrait but here are some portraits with a red bleed effect showing on the brown:

(Red bleed effect on Brown T-Shirt)

(Red bleed effect on Brown Jacket)

(Red bleed effect on Brown Dress)

(Red bleed effect on Brown Shirt)

Now I don’t think it’s my Graphics Card because quite honestly, I don’t see that effect anywhere else. However I will say seeing that red bleed effect on the portraits is very disappointing.

the market/clothing stuff has been sent on. I am not seeing the red bleed but with old eyes I may be missing what you are talking about.


It must be something subtle. Or something that you can only really see when you can move the character around on the background.

Thanks Mike,

I hope you also mentioned that Character Customization now has long loading time and the Character Animations are no longer working in the Fitting Screen.

Anyway, hopefully this will show the color bleed issue I’m talking about in the Portrait Screen.

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