CTD, can't log in since

I had a sudden CTD and ever since I can’t log in, or open the https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us.

I restarted the system, didn’t help.

I get an error message that eveonline.com is unavailable.

Same here, disconnecting constantly - weird lags and not able to bring account back online

Hey both, can I ask where do you live (which country or state) and what ISP do you use? If you open https://eveonline.com/cdn-cgi/trace in a browser, what does the colo= reply say?

I tried to delete the cache, didn’t work, I uninstalled the game and manually deleted the cache, reinstalled, it works now.

I tried to log in for several hours now and can’t. I restarted the PC and even tried on another one.
My internet is fine, did you block my region again?
Anyway I reinstalled again, it seems to work now.

Same again.

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