CULTURE: 'Love Triangle' Gallery Opening [8 June 2200 EST]

You are invited to BABAC’s opening exhibit of “Love Triangle”, a collection of works by noted Caille-adjacent capsuleer and artist Saccade Amir. This exhibit features multimedia works exploring the nature of romance, intimate hypotheticals on the sensual reality of Triglavian culture, and the danger and delight inherent to all connections between people. All works will be available for purchase. We hope you’ll come. Light refreshments provided.

Location: BABAC (Bloc-a-Bloc Artist Collective), Bourynes VI [in-game channel: Bloc-a-Bloc]
Time: 8 June, 2200
Other Concerns: clothing required


I …

… what …

… words …

… I don’t have …


Ms. Jenneth, I believe the correct words are as follows:

This is why the Federation needs to be destroyed.


What does that even mean?

(Not that I believe in destroying art I don’t understand. Maybe I’ll even come and see if I understand it, seen live.)

Are you referring to ‘Threesomes’, Mademoiselle Amir?

Now this I have to see…


A true artist never explicitly reveals the true intent behind their work, M. Johanesse, much less when asked in such a direct and shallow manner. It’s up to the observer to note and understand the many intricacies found in such oeuvres, and complete them with their own interpretation.


Ooooo gib.

hopes u come lol

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Who are you? And what did you do to the real Saccade?


Triangles are for squares, this is so last season.


You’re just jealous my jawline is triangular and yours is squareular.

I most definitely absolutely positively 110% will, goodness gracious. This is going to be great. Let me know if you need anything! I’m horribly gaudy about these sorts of parties.


Really! What changed?


think that’s a general statement if anyone ever tries to understand Sacc.

ay ay
yna how theres people doing war n ■■■■ n blood raidalen n sanshin n all that fuxin nasty bad

remindalen ye that what you need right now is some high-toned porn and a box a wine

cmon a show its comin up


I had fun. It was interesting. I gained new perspectives. I don’t think I totally got all the pieces, but I might come back for another try. Also, most people left before fully being aware of the workings of at least one piece of art. I’d share a picture, but I doubt that would not violate the rules of this forum. Let’s just say that me and Lord Newelle have been welcoming a stranger in a very friendly way. #triglove

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This actually was a lot of fun. Anyone got video of Stitcher jumping in to goo, by chance?

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I do.


I regret not attending, if only to have seen some of the antics that were rumoured to have taken place.

Second thoughts, I’m wondering if it might have been worse to have seen them in person?

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