Cross-Cultural Art Exhibit

So, y’all’ve probably heard how I went jello-diving at Saccade’s art exhibit earlier this month. It was fun! And it generated some discussion on the Summit about cultural differences in art, and how Saccade’s …shall we say “classically Mannar” approach to artistic expression was interpreted by pilots from different backgrounds.

So I hit on the idea of recruiting three other pilots and throwing a combined gallery exhibit showcasing those differences.

The concept: four capsuleer artists, one each of the four major empires, work together to put on an exhibit.

Each one of us will choose the name for a piece, we’ll go away and do our own interpretations of those names in the recognisable styling of our respective home nations’ artistic traditions, and then put on a viewing where we present our creations to each other and to the viewing public.

The end result would be sixteen art pieces - four Caldari, four Minmatar, four Amarrian and four Gallente, and four each with name A, four with name B, four with name C and four with name D.

I think this has some potential as an idea, and naturally I’m planning on being the Caldari artist involved. If you’re interested in being among the other three contributors, then please say as much here.

An actual timetable, venue and so on will have to wait until after such things have been discussed and organised.

Who’s interested?


What a bunch of unprofitable gallentianized nonsence this is?!

Of course you’re not.

Caldari would never participate in such a useless disgrace.

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But if it’s just a personal hobby there’s no problem, right? Such things actually boost productivity rather than subtracting from it, and it’s at least as harmless as some of the other stuff Caldari do to decompress or blow off steam. Some of it even goes commercial-- someone definitely got paid for my Octopus Red Flight Cerberus SKIN, and definitely should have (I feel deadlier just from activating the pattern on my hull).

It’s not like there’s no such thing as a Caldari musician, either. It’s just hard to find a Caldari pursuing music as a career.


Visual art only?

Outside the massive entertainment industry that underpins Nugoehuvi’s bottom line, that is…

Kim’s just being her usual moronic self. Ignore her.



NOH being NOH, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they play on Caldari cultural feelings about “art” to keep their costs down, Verin. If you keep them fed, people will make art and music for free, or nearly free. If you can make heaps of money while not having to pay the “shiftless ne’er-do-wells” anywhere near what their work is worth, so much the better, right? And black market connections let y-- ou know I’m not even going to finish that thought?


(Am I being too cynical? It’s not like I have access to their contracts or anything, but, they’re Practicals, and … well, kind of infamous, actually.)

A little. Any good company wants to sell quality products, and that’s especially true of entertainment. Music, holoreels, games and novels have perhaps the most direct and obvious correlation between quality and profitability, and the highest quality comes from genuine inspiration and enthusiasm.

Marry that with appropriately jaded good business practice and you have a multi-trillion ISK industry.

Besides, ethnic Caldari do have an artistic tradition, and a religious one. Both emphasise technical finesse and economy of resource, but do you think we survived the Homeworld without some myth and song to keep us going? Talk to my sister about traditional Civire theatre sometime, or go visit a Wayist temple on the homeworld and note the architecture.

We fought the war against the Federation to preserve those things, not to have smooth-brained imbeciles like Diana Kim deny they even exist.

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We’ll have to discuss that. but I’m going to say yes.

I appreciate that there are musical, auditory and even olfactory art forms, but let’s confine ourselves to the visual and the tactile, shall we?

Art is a valuable thing in any culture. It can be a lens to understand a group of people, their culture, and their beliefs. For as much as I disagree with Caldari on many issues, it is refreshing to see some stalwart Caldari defend their heritage from dishonorable ex-Provists and Templis Dragonaur supporters.

And this is, ladies and gentlemen, the whole extent of Stitcher’s “culture”.

…what sort of art are you looking for? I’m sure there are better Amarr artists, but I am trying to think of one that is a capsuleer and I don’t know. I write, I draw a little?

Whatever seems appropriate. As I said, I think visual and tactile art will be the focus. Something to show off the artist’s interpretation of their native culture’s most prominent artistic traditions. So painting, sculpture, installation pieces, that kind of thing.

I appreciate that architecture is a particularly vaulted form of Amarrian art, but presenting it at short notice in an art exhibit might prove, uh, challenging.

I know an artist, im not sure of the nuances between different factions art though; is there any form of representation on that?

There in lies the usefulness of architectural models! With holosets to virtually walk through the proposed building!

I’m no @Saccade_Amir, but if she or some other Gallente with similar experience does not participate in this, I’m willing to give it a shot.

I’ll have you know I actually have two Cs in my name at least, which I think qualifies me extraordinarily well.

Like Che, I’ll say I’m not of the highest caliber but would like to give this a shot on behalf of the Gallente, unless there is someone more suited to the task.

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You know, if everyone’s waiting for the ‘more suitable’ artist to show up, we won’t have anyone!

Ha! You might be right. I do have a hard time believing the Federation isn’t already riddled with talent

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I don’t think the Gallente will be slowing this down. There’s a few of us expressing interest. Caldari is pretty much ok since the OP. We’ve got some tentative Amarr interest. I don’t think I’ve seen the same from a Minmatar yet, though.