Current State of Suicide Ganking

Not true. It’s always your own decisions that make you a target.

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Yes, I scouted ahead, and they weren’t in local chat / dscan at the time. I must have just missed them.

The guy who ganked you had ganked four freighters in Uedama in the span of 1hr 56m that day. You were #3 that day. So how did you miss him? Simple answer is - you didn’t scout. Why lie about it?

Everything you have to say is worthless conjecture. You say this guy is using EVE-O preview - he’s not. The guy who ganked you simply sizes and organizes his windows a certain way to manually cycle through them with good old-fashioned keyboard and mouse. There’s no rule against resizing and stacking windows. He has shared video and screenshots in the past on how he does things the way he does.

I don’t use EVE-O preview or any other program myself, but that being said, I’ve never heard of EVE-O preview being forbidden to use either.

What we have here is something that happened (you lost a freighter), a conclusion about it (a EULA violation was committed), everything you’ve had to say in between to come to that conclusion is pure fabrication and fantasy on your part.


You talk from both sides of your mouth. On the one hand you say it doesn’t trouble you because you can afford it and on the other you say you will resub if they give your stuff back.
You should’ve taken “… what you can’t afford to lose” more seriously.
And really. A hauler? Paint a huge target on your ship why don’t you. Maybe CCP will come out with Happy Gank Targer Skin.

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All eve-o preview does is switch between clients. Like using alt-tab.
Kusion doesn’t use it, as the videos posted earlier in this thread show. For his purposes, it’s faster to layer client windows and click through.

You got ganked.
In Uedama.
That’s 100% on you.


Gets popcorn. :popcorn: :popcorn:

I think ganking is in a fine spot considered CCP took the nerf hammer to it. Honestly, I think some of it maybe too harsh… But it really seems the gankers have adapted and are doing pretty well.

Educate yourself OP you are lacking critical thinking skills here.

Learn to fit your ships to discourage ganking. There are gankers who kill empty hulls just for fun.

You take extra risk when flying freighters, large sub cap haulers, and bowheads in HS.


Bye, can I have your stuff before you leave?

Given your lack of research you probably also aren’t aware that Eve-O is an official member of the partnership program so it clearly isn’t an oversight. CCP must be aware of its functionality since they state on the page what it is used for:

“A way to keep an eye on several simultaneously running EVE Online clients and to easily switch between them.”

thats the key words

Not my job anymore, lol.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have a problem with this change - you want to do the fun stuff in EVE, like ganking, get an omega.

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Two words of advice!

Get good!

that was a roam in null sec agist a alliance active hunting me . and i was playing undock games,. thats 2 active 2toons 1 scout cloaked alpha . 1 main,
they eve said move it or lose it.,
use a scout service buddy. merc crop even a 50 mill sp toon would prob take a contract to move your items or loot. for like 5mill,.
i used a very outdated 2012 goon swarm overlay on 2 accounts. ones untagged . good look finding it. in fact im bord if you tag him 10mill,
You say you dont like the safety system. lets go over the pvp reduction list.
Can i cnyo into higher no.
Can i shoot dooms days into system no, ( I hate you for this. )
extra subsystems. removable of some lesser mods. yes these meta 1 use to help with some fits. but hey balanced i get it.
Tbh the 20 bucks’ a month is worth the contacts in the game for rl ■■■■.
Eve players do a lot of good man its a game, like pay off peplos mortgage and ■■■■, No names,
That said i understand your frustration. eve can get intestine. tempers flare ■■■■ gets said. its okay., They have corp tags.
war dec them. this may have more impact then your perceive.
bord with Indy blow up jita yes you can still do it, hehe. Kaboom tards.

Any way Ill give you a billion just to help cover your losses. im lazy and dont wannt do math but that should help no.

Few rules Dont fly if you cant lose it,
Fly Reckless
Be vindictive . lolz

Wasting your ISK. People who get ganked usually don’t ask why they got ganked in the first place or excerise basic critical thinking about the ecosystem of EVE.

Basically, The ones have had, I own them. I got stupid, I paid my price.

Others, well it was server tick games. I’ve won some of these. Got out the camp going “I lived?!”. others…well sometime one must see their pod. It does have a nice design that should be admired once a in while.


There is no correct answer to “why”. There is no way to verify any answer to that question. Therefore, it is actually sound to not trust people who pretend to know “why” you were ganked in the first place, especially when they are the bullies.

Your opinion, or anyone’s, is not the result of basic critical thinking. The moment it involves any kind of experiment that people may not have experimented it is not “basic”.
The moment you are the bully - or the victim - you can’t be critical about it.

Your affirmation is dishonest. You try to gaslight gankee into believing they are the sole reason they lost their investment in a game, while somebody else made that choice. And that somebody, the ganker, is the sole one who can even ask why he did that - there is no point in the gankee to ask it.

sure … i´m now list some of the correct answeres … maybe more then 1 at the same time can be correct

  1. you are an autopilot freighter
  2. you have to much value in your cargohold
  3. you are the easiest target because max cargo instead of max tank
  4. you dont scout
  5. you dont care
  6. you are a good way for their profit
  7. you bring tears :wink:
  8. maybe some more reasons …

thats simply not true … in most cases you exactly known whats your mistake and why this gonna happen but you ignore it ! if you know but ignore it then you can be you just decide not to be !
same as for the bully → almost every ganker knows that he will produce tears and salt and he is realy aware of this fact. this makes him thought critical about his gameplay and he decide to be the bully !

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Sure there is?

  • No tank.
  • Too much ISK and No Tank.
  • An expensive hull.
  • Rare loot like BPOs. (Hauling the wrong stuff in the wrong hauler)

@Vuhdo_Rin listed reasons also.

There is pretty much 2… eah 3 reasons my bad 4 reasons why people want to gank.

  • Profit
  • Because they are bored and want to ruin your day.
  • Because they don’t like (insert player name here.)
  • OR it could be a hit job.

Perhaps flying a freighter with billions in it with cargo expanders is indeed 100% their fault? Do you really want me to link a zkill of that here? Thousands of them.

Own up to the fact (insert person name here) flew a freighter and died nearly instantly because they had cargo expanders and for some strange reason needed to haul things like rare minerals (morphite), BPOs, BPCs, and many other things that didn’t need to be put in a slow freighter.

I speak the truth and that is the truth right there. I gaslight no one and it’s 100% the victim’s fault if they cargo expand their slow lumbering freighter.


Practice anti ganking tactics and you won’t get murdered like the rest.

That’s not what a correct answer is.
Those answers are as much correct as “god told me so”.

Yes ? There can also be other answers. What YOU can imagine is not the totality of what is possible.
Still there is no way to verify any answer to that question.

I don’t know what you misunderstood, but your post is not actually addressing my points.

Perfect example of gaslighting.

I can fly with cargo expanders and not die, your causation is invalid.

You don’t. You speak your interpretation, and your judgements on person claiming they are responsible for other people actions are gaslighting.

But it’s not a fault to do so. I’m pretty sure if you cargo expand a freighter and move tritanium in it nobody will try to kill it.
Your logic is flawed.

maybe you quote the answeres and not a counter question !

ever gank has a different reason ! so you got a list of different reasons and you got your answer ! if you pray to god then do it but enough ppl say why ppl got ganked !

nobody can say every reason why ppl want to gank ! but you got some valid reasons and i would assume they are more then 80% of all reasons why someone wants to gank !

verify ? as i said before xD every gank is different and also every personal ganker is different ! you have a list and there are some reasons why !

i dont know what do you missunderstood ? you asked why and more then one is telling you why … and you still say no thats not a reason ? xD maybe you need to lern whats a reason

and i can smoke every min 5 cigarets and maybe i never get loung cancer … oO
btw … nobody said you die always if you fit cargo expanders ! its always the chance to get ganked and if no ganker is online you can fly as stupid as you want and you never get ganked ! but if someone see´s you and they log in then you die !

what does this all mean ? this means if you do everal stupid things your chance to get ganked is extraordinary higher then if youre pay attention and follow some rules !

yes he do !

you are just trolling or if its worse then youre speaking without any knowledge !

doesnt matter … as i said → no ganker online you can fly as stupid as you want !
and btw … if your tritanium isnt worth to gank then they dont have a reason to gank you ! youre not the worthy target … maybe you still got ganked only because they are bore and they didnt catch any freighter after X hours

i see whhooms logic is flawed :wink: → yours if you want a specification

It wont make it past the gank pipes. :joy:

Different story for freighters.

Just like in real life, when something bad happens to you, there is a choice between acting like a victim and learning from the mistake.

Just like in real life, the majority of people choose to act like victims.

Ganking is by far the best part of Eve, yet people choose to hate it, even without trying it for themselves.