Current state of the EvE economy

Just wanted to know your thoughts on EvE’s current state of its economy.

its good

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High sec mining is useless, Hi Sec industry is harder for new players without spreadsheet knowledge. Yes, prices are raising, CCPs goals are being achieved, but at what cost. I hope they are looking who is mining in Low Sec. Is it a Null sec Corp, Low sec Corp selling to a Null Sec Corp. How much of the Ore is hitting the trade hubs. I did a mining test run through low sec. the areas I looked at were barren in USTZ or just had Kernite and Pryo, a former High sec in them. With the added Dscan attention needed, it wasn’t fun gameplay for former highsec ore. If there was even some low sec ore, maybe…

due to the mining changes the economy is currently unstable. too many sell orders for ore that no longer contains what it used to . lack of ore by security shifts emphasis to freighter movement and associated costs and risks. speculation that the ratting changes will pull more isk out of player wallets. hard to plan when the rules changes too frequently. good luck

between niarja and the recent patch, the panic buying was beautiful.

as for the economy as a whole? markets are roiled and a lot of prices are rising, but it’s too early to tell if that means anything. different regional markets go through different cycles of prices rising and falling normally, so we have to wait and see what changes, if any, the patch made to those cycles. i expect a gradual trend upward on mineral prices, but that’s far from certain. it really depends on whether those mythical stockpiles exist and/or if people decide to take risks to fill the iso/nocx/mex supply holes.

tl;dr - grab what you can right now, wait and see what happens

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Current EVE Status: Cesspit

Eve status was heading from cesspit to pissbucket but owing to continued GM corruption, an advertised bot amnesty, gm conformation that non rmt botting is not even being enforced & the use of SISI to introduce game changes weeks ahead of tq introduction, the current status will remain cesspit.

Cesspit is the 2nd lowest rate, the lowest rating being - TQ not accepting connections.

Judging by the MER:

Looks good.

Judging by the recent world record breaking battles:

Demand is as good as ever, what exactly is your point with this thread?


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