Current war mechanics

Can’t say . Maybe CCP will make a month “structure transfer” with a % chance to transfer structure to the attacking fleet.

Also it would go completely out of Eve if killing a hull does not destroy it …

Dear OP,

A cheer to you for well describing the feelings of a now dead play style. Good memories. Good kills, good loot, definitely more losses… getting personal…

Tl;dr you fears are correct. Everyone expected shell corps for structures and most HS carebears jumping into non-eligible entities, because both options are easy, reduce risk and have no drawbacks whatsoever. And it happened.

From time to time you get glimpses of past splendour: corps that wants to make a stand or make a mistake, but rarely.

So join the blanket and kill without desire, a drone pushed only by inertia and kill stats. Or try something else.

I wish you luck in both cases.

Fly safe.


Ok so this will completely kill the mega wardec corps and their current members will split to solo wardec hunting corps. Is that what you want?

I mean why would you even form an alliance with these rules? It has only drawbacks, costs extremely long to train, I think it was 2bil to learn and further upkeep costs. When you can stay solo and don’t cooperate with other players?

Yes and that would be a good thing for pretty much everyone. To be more precise: it wouldn’t kill them completely but it would solve the problem that resulted out of those mega wardec corps.

No they wouldn’t. Corps of different sizes would form and do PVP on different scales in empire. This is basically how it was round about 10 years ago. You would still have big wardec corps that keep wardeccing zerosec alliances and wait for idiots to enter a tradehub. Those big corps wouldn’t wardec smaller empire corps though because that would most likely be not “efficient” for their way of doing “PVP”. But there would also be small corps that would actively hunt for their targets with passion which of course is what i want. That was my whole intention.

Well, exactly the same way as you do it now i guess.

Why do ppl form alliances in the first place then? This has nothing to do with this topic at all. Big wardec alliances were already a thing long before you were able to wardec pretty much everyone at the same time. So whoever like that kind of clay pigeon shooting would still be able to do it, just not on a level that destroys the game for many smaller corps.

It’s not about staying solo… you clearly have no clue what you are talking about, sorry. We were cooperating in small groups, others in bigger groups. And yes, some ppl were doing that stuff solo. But why the f*ck should they not, if they want to? It’s not like everyone was playing the war-game solo back then.

Thank you but i stopped trying to find something exciting to do in eve. At the moment, there is unfortunately nothing that would keep me playing. As you can see, i still check back here and there though :smiley:

I hope you found something for yourself though?

Ah… so I gather you were not around 6-10 years ago in EVE or never did any wardecs. If you were part of the wardec community during that time you would understand why it was better then the current iteration.

I don’t know why but I find it rather relaxing. It has never bothered me to do for some reason.