Cursor/pointer not always interacting with the items listed in overview or context menu's?

Odd one this, and it has effected me on my last 4 log-ins from a new(er) laptop.

Its to do with the cursor/pointer not always interacting with the items listed in overview or context menu’s (changing into that pointer with the two drop down arrows to show that it recognises that there is something underneath it that I can perform further actions upon)

Im aware that I can customise items in the overview to show what I need, - THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT.
Im aware that, say a list of asteroid belts,is not the same in every system >> im not looking for 1,2,3,4 etc

Here goes >> Example one,

Im ratting in belts, standard stuff.
so I click in space and select the asteroid belt LIST, / and select warp to etc >>

but then I notice that on the longer lists, (Still visible on the open menu, >> that I CANT select each belt available ?
Ie I can select, belt 1 >> warp to, but I cant select belt 2 (im Not in Belt 2 >> that would have look at option >> but I CAN Select belt 3 >> Warp to ???(the pointer wont change or select on Belt 2…

to fix this, - I have to re click on another area of space to reopen the menu and be able to select the belt I couldn’t before ? >> and then again, later on the same thing happens for a different warp to object.

Selecting - in this case - the belt from the overview menu, has a similar effect. >> where the pointer ‘mouses’ over the item (belt in this example) in the overview but doesn’t alow me to select it? - I have to re-sort the table by something like type or distance - to 'reload/refresh the list for me to be able to mouse the pointer over it and get a response? >> The pointer will change to that one with the two little drop down indicators to show that if clicked there will be a further context menu to use >> ie click belt >> click warp to or align to and so on…where before it was just remaining as a standard pointer.

note the pointer will alter over some objects in the menu, and not others at a seeming random manor.

Example two,
In a basic agent mission >> go here, shoot that etc…

Im in the overview trying to mouse over the red pirate npc to target / blap / approach / wave at / look at with disdain / ANYTHING if the pointer would just change and realise that its above something I should be able to interact with…
… ill have to try to reorder the list again, or see if I can click on the Npc whizzing through space to be able to select it. >> and when im getting shot at and want to get out and repair or dock, ill have the selection issue with the gate or station as I did with the belts in the above example.

any ideas forum / ?
I was previously playing on an old machine with serious low settings, but I never had any issues with mouse/pointer as I have with this current machine. - and I have selected lower settings incase that it will be a processing issue.

yours - a confused returning noob.

I had something like this the other day, where I was updating PI and various screen points (dialog buttons, facilities, etc.) would not respond to clicks. However if I moved the dialog box, or shifted the map so the facility was at a different point, the exact same object would respond.

It appeared that there were ‘dead spots’ where nothing would respond and moving the target to click on another spot would work fine. However when I relogged onto the next character everything seemed to work normally and I haven’t seen the issue again since.

So hopefully you’ve already submitted a help ticket with all this info.

My experience with unresponsive and/or slow controls has been that they’re usually symptoms of a slow internet connection.

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