Custom, Permanent FOV Setting?

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Hey all,

Just jumping back into the game after a few years and the first thing I’ve noticed is that the default FOV is an eyesore (literally, I get headaches while playing - even if only briefly), so I’m wondering if there’s any way to limit the game to using the widest FOV at all times?

I’ve discovered ALT+1 for the tactical view, or whatever it’s called; so if there’s no other option, I’ll just be forced to use this constantly.


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Despite not sounding related, it is:

may i ask you, what is the size of your screen and your distance to it?

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Unfortunately, I don’t think it is related in my case. I have even had issues with console games on the TV across the room. Alas, I’m on a 24" 16:9 monitor at roughly 1 meter (40") distance. Secondary monitor same specs, roughly 150% the distance, same issue.

It’s a recurring problem for me on many titles with low FOV; even WoW was unplayable for me without the viewport mod. I can play games with as low as 80 degree view ports with no issue, so I expect that at typical camera distances in EVE, the camera somewhere in the 60-70 degree range.

Either way, it’s fixed for me in EVE by increasing the FOV, which isn’t a problem in itself, just that any modifications to camera distance thereafter resets the FOV to default, which is an absolute pain in the ass.

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thanks for the feedback. sorry i’m not of any help. i asked, because i’ve learned that such issues with the FOV are somehow related to the distance between viewer and screen. there’s brains out there, which for some reason, can’t deal with certain FOVs at certain distances, though the exact reasons beyond “looks so wrong, it hurts” are unknown afaik.

like, for example, great distance to a big screen, combined with a narrow FOV can cause people issues. 24" is quite big for such a short distance, but i’m not trying to tell you to move further away. just telling you that it’s related. maybe there’s a solution out there, but FOV mods are not one of them.

there’s also a wealth of FOV/distance calculators out there. scientific stuff.

thank you for answering my questions, i hope you’ll find a proper solution.

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