Customer Service Question

Hi, asking for a friend…:smirk:
Is there a way to get in contact with customer service besides the ticket system? My friend has raised a ticket about a month ago. (Local GM)
Two weeks later without a reply, he raised a new ticket in english and out of a sudden he got a reply from the local GM that he looked into it and forwarded it to a different department. Since then…nothing. Ok, there have been the holidays and a big patch, but a month? Seriously? Asking for a update remained unanswered.

My friend does not want to nag too much, to not negativly influence the outcome of his request, but he has mixed feelings about the situation. :thinking:
Any suggestions? Maybe anyone from staff reading this could contact me?

Thank you!

Unless there are privacy or EULA concerns, I would recommend asking in the forums - ask on behalf of your friend if he isn’t fluent in English. Odds are someone here has encountered the same issue.

Tickets are prioritized - a long delay likely means the answer is already published in the knowledgebase or CCP needs time to research the issue before providing an answer.

Thank you. Unfortunately it is a account related and therefore, non public or gameplay issue. That is why I’m asking here for a “Friend”. Hope you get it. :wink:

that friend of yours happened to be you yourself, right ?

You got it. Not precisly me, but yes. :blush:

I hate it when a me from a past timeframe does something and I have to deal with too.

Damn pasties.

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Pastie wants to meet another pastie, who was not actually me, but close enough to share DNA and a Pod. Unfortunately that other pastie is to be stationed at Molea II Moon 1 forever.

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