Customs Code Expertise skill - Question

I’m a bit confused about this skill. In a past post, I’ve seen:

" Customs Code Expertise - reduces the imposed tax (by CONCORD) in highsec and Interbus POCOs that may still exist.

yet in the game it says “This does not affect InterBus Customs Offices.”

I do PI and returned a few months ago so when I saw this skill I immediately skilled everyone to Level 4. But I’m not doing PI in hi-sec. Was this a waste of time? Oh well.

Dray Cil

You’ve wasted your time, good sir. Having said that, you’d be amazed at how many InterBus Customs Offices still exists, including in systems that have numerous player-owned customs offices.

Awesome. Thanks. :flushed:

It always seemed silly to me that this skill wasn’t in the Planetary Interaction skill tab.


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