Are Customs Offices still limited to one per planet?

Last time I played EVE I looked at “Planetary Interaction”. At first glance it seemed interesting, but then I discovered something that made me lose interest: Customs Offices.

As I remember it:

  • You had to use a Customs Office to get “PI stuff” off the planet
  • They were limited to one per planet
  • They were fairly cheap for a established Corp
  • There were already player-owned Customs Offices all over the parts of EVE I frequented
  • Tax rates were very high

Is this still true, or has the game changed so there isn’t such an extreme “early adopter advantage”?

Yes, 1 per planet


Good news: They are vulnerable like other stations. If you need some space, get yourself a nice spot and a fleet.
Or just pay the tax.

If it has a high tax rate, just find another planet.

I rarely find one with a tax rate above 15%

its not hard to destroy an undefended POCO solo with an oracle or VNI

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