[.CVD.] Charitable Donations of Supplies

Greetings, fellow capsuleers.

Corovid Industries has a surplus of some commodities and supplies, and we would like to donate these items to charities, nonprofits, and other causes.

If you know of any such organizations who would make good use of these supplies, we would be happy for the recommendation.

Don’t recommend any pro-slavery groups, please. Groups should have a contact person to whom we can contract these goods. We’ll contract out of Rens, Hek, or Teonusude.

Some of the goods we plan to donate:
Industrial Fibers
Supertensile Plastics
Aqueous Liquids

We also have an array of mechanical and electronic parts.

Please respond with any suggestions or questions here, or join us in the Corovid Public chat or send a mail to me or @Shorai_Aikyoraan.


SoE Roughriders maintains a stockpile of resources for humanitarian support operations. Water, fibers and plastics would be welcome. Clean water is more often than not hard to come by in emergency conditions and building of shelters tends to consume materials. Some of these supplies are now low after significant losses suffered in Kahah and while we can easily afford to replace them, obviously any isk saved is isk for some other useful cause.

We never resell this stockpile for profit; even if we will not need it anymore, we will find someone who will.

Of the locations you list, Hek would be most practical, but we can also do our own hauling. It is safe to contract to corporation, but if you want a contact person, you can address it to me personally.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
SoE Roughriders


The Mission Rens could use more supplies. After the operations in Kahah, the numbers there have swelled well beyond initial expectations.

We can use food, water, electronics, clothing and building materials. Teaching programs for children and games for the young are especially appreciated.


Thank you both, Ms. Rhiannon and Ms. Vuld. We’ll be in touch with each of you soon, within a week at the latest.


All donations have now been delivered and contracted at the requested hubs.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you, and best wishes to all.


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