CyberForce Incorporated - Cyberforce is recruiting!

CyberForce Incorporated - Cyberforce is recruiting! Alpha/Omega

Operating in High Security Hiemartar region, based in Rens Brutor Tribe Treasury. We take time for your questions, concerns, wishes and projects. Advise you as much as possible for your future in EvE. Our long term goals:
To establish in Null Sec and Wormhole Space, Running Level 5 security Missions and Incrusions. Joining a good Alliance

Currently accepting:
➤ Alphas
➤ Omegas
➤ New players
➤ Old players

Corperation Focus:
➤ Mining
➤ Industry
➤ Logistics and Transportation
➤ Mission running
➤ Wormhole Exploration/Mining

Pilots required:
➤ Miners
➤ Logisitics
➤ Staff Roles
➤ Manufacturing
➤ Explorers

What we offer:
➤ Mission Running Fleet
➤ Wormhole Exploration/Mining Fleet
➤ Fitting Help
➤ Orca supported Mining fleet
➤ Free Skillbooks, Ships and Modules for New Capsuleers
➤ Bpc’s for production
➤ Ore and Loot buyback program
➤ Frieghter Service

channel: Cyberforce Recruitment

Contact: KillRoy Osra, Telek Ra Annages, Fryky Freack


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