Cybernetic Implants & Data Recognition

So I was flying my Catastrophe today, just scoping out systems and enjoying the ride when a thought occurred to me.
It’s far in the future, I’m supposed to be the clone of a former self in the service of an empire that has engineered my body to directly be hooked up to a spaceship’s main operations supercomputer, an AI called Aura, and this ship obeys my every whim.

These connections could be very close to what is described here:

  • The Application of Implant Technology for Cybernetic Systems
    To assess the usefulness, compatibility, and long-term operability of a microelectrode array into the median nerve of the left arm of a healthy volunteer, including perception of feedback stimulation and operation of an instrumented prosthetic hand. The study was carried out from March 14 through June 18, 2002, in England and the United States. The blindfolded subject received feedback information, obtained from force and slip sensors on the prosthetic hand, and subsequently used the implanted device to control the hand by applying an appropriate force to grip an unseen object. Operability was also demonstrated remotely via the Internet, with the subject in New York, NY, and the prosthetic hand in Reading, England. Finally, the subject was able to control an electric wheelchair, via decoded signals from the implant device, to select the direction of travel by opening and closing his hand. The implantation did not result in infection or any perceivable loss of hand sensation or motion control

Just like the wheelchair responds to commands from the patient, my Catalyst responds to my commands via the same, or even better system since New Eden’s date is way in the future in a galaxy far far way…
Now with all this braintech, virtually capable of turning a human into a cyborg -

  • Neil Harbisson is a Guinness World Records holder as the world’s first cyborg. Born with a rare form of colour blindness (where the world is only perceived in shades of grey), in 2004 he embedded an ‘antenna’ into his skull that would allow him to re-tune his senses

and considering how fast technology is developing, would it be a stretch to imagine that the scientists in NE would have come up with the technology to make a brain learn faster than normal way before the collapse of the EVE gate?

  • Rat brains quickly adapted to use data from four infrared sensors, allowing them to “see” in the dark and paving the way for augmenting the human brain.
    Brains get data about the world through senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. In a lab in North Carolina, a group of rats is getting an extra one. Thanks to implants in their brains, they have learned to sense and react to infrared light. The rats show the brain’s ability to process unfamiliar data– an early step towards augmenting the human brain.
    Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University School of Medicine is leading the experiment. His team implanted four clusters of electrodes in the rats’ barrel cortex – the part of the brain that handles whisker sensation

In light of all that, I wonder if the total removal of the Skill Queue would rather make sense than some half-baked SQ scheme of waiting more than a month to be able to fit a railgun powerful enough to matter in any engagement against a seasoned capsuleer.


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We are the Aliens and as technology reaches the point where we can travel back in time it will be cyborgnic humans who visit us from outer space.

Dark Energy holds that key to the future and also our past.

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So basically EVE is a prequel to Star Wars… which including time travel as you mention explains how it is at the same time possible it is a story that happened "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
- Arthur C. Clarke

:thinking: :wink:

There is a secret hidden inside the thread, so see if you can find it.

Time will tell. Maybe they’re barking up the wrong tree with Dark Matter but we won’t know until the first time machine is built.

I watched a show the other night and it was hosted by [Morgan Freeman Explains Wormholes, Dark Matter, and Time 2010

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Have to check it out, thanks

I was kind of hoping more Capsuleers notice the secret hidden inside your opening thread.

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As long as someone gets something out of it it won’t take space needlessly.

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