Private networking

A tongue-in-cheek boost to a long dead thread:

It’s a small world after all… sung in a gravelly rumble.

oh seven, satisfy ethics

Why EVE Forever™ is secure: Noah Harari

The standards of interpersonal communication are personally degrading lately: IEEE 802 15 6 WBAN communication standards with In Body & On Body Sensors 2.O

A #Phoenix #Aurora over #Iceland Khurram Wadee

It’s all connected (wirelessly) by electrons if nothing else

Technical Presentation: WBAN on a 6gloPAN and your electromagnetic body part

Space Force has your number … and mine.

Feel like you’ve been played yet?

Edumacation iv

In which Sabrina describes the purpose of transhumanism is to modify ignorant (uninformed / none-consenting) individuals bodies to the point of surviving the planned alteration of earth’s atmosphere.

Is this giving Triglavian vibes to you discerning individuals? Welcome to the Collective, IF you prove worthy.

The following video WBANs and MAC IDs (runtime 55:02) details how you and I are a node on the network. It is the most succinct rundown to date. EVERYBODY has been connected to the cloud. Nobody is immune to trans-humanist bio-technocratic tyranny.


Kyonoke Pit

because of the difficulties in detecting and tracing the bio-speck… , the bio-speck has fascinated both military researchers and terrorist groups, both of which are eager to get their hands on the speck.

I find it fascinating that EVE lore is so often predicated on cyber-security topics.

Bone Tax