Sustaining Forever

How does CCP plan to excel subject to the one-ring rules-based sustainable development goals?


I know that is an impossible question to answer, just asking for a friend. @ Ramona_McCandless

It’s not an impossible question to answer, just not something they are likely to answer at all.

That aside, how do you know they aren’t already compliant with the positions in the paper and/or any new regulations in Iceland, etc. passed as a result?

Whut? What did I say to generate this?

Sorry to shackle you to a matter you did not agree to.

Hey I never shy from a challenge, just cant remember it lol

Anything that keeps the working class locked in their miserable hovels eating bugs and fungi is compliant with The Plan. Eve is fully in alignment with this, especially when they raise subscription rates.


You guys are ■■■■■■■ weird.


You are part of The Plan, too, Brisc-it

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It’s…a video game…

Eve severs are ran by 100% Amarrian raised elite slaves that have been sustainably sourced through ethical harvesting and premium quality physical fitness programs and top notch genetic engineering.

No corners have been but in those elite slave’s efforts to lay the foundational infrastructure for the eve servers, and CCP’s security and integrity of the servers are matched by none others – even titans have been fielded to high sec for the purpose of maintaining a safe and security server infrastructure free from unethical Sansha slave practices and the resilience of those systems was demonstrated with the quick and severe response to the Drifter corpse harvesting incident – which will not happen again.

@CCP_Kestrel can provide more information to support this.

Public statements such as this are not to be taken seriously.

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Please tell me that I am unreasonably connecting the dots here.

Organisations that feature Saturn symbolised as a black-cube in general are associated with:

  • Banking
  • Faith
  • Intelligence

Harnessing human behaviours in other words. That being so, it is easy to assume that the goals reiterated in the opening post are well aligned, unless a statement to the contrary is made; but perhaps, it would be most wise not to speak on this matter at all.

I desire EVE (evolvo venustus exaedifico) to survive hashtag: TheGreatReset
To my mind that means breaking orbit with Saturn…

If it pleases the CSM, consider, how EVE can sensibly adopt:

*a suggestion not a recommendation.

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I would go along with what ever is decided as I feel strongly towards going for the long haul and will enjoy my journey no mater what way you change this into as Capsuleer is first before the pilot.

Just hanging.

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A salt.

Still in the arena? Why?

(PEGI 16 advisory; violence)

Not Futile with a whistleblower.

Strength and Honour

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I own Condos in Thailand, Philipines, and several things which sit in international waters…

I’m good to go for the Asteroid.