Sustaining Forever

I’m not sure about how well private ownership of condominium units will hold up after an asteroid strike. If you are able to resurrect a 5 month old thread then maybe you have the skills to pull it off. Good luck!

Depends on where it hits. Thats true.

But my ■■■■ sitting in International waters will be fine. And that stuff… will definitely be useful after an Asteroid impact.

This thread wanted to die tragically and alone in December focusing on the currently unfolding man-made disasters of Western policy, but if you insist—and I thank you for the contribution —we can expand the topic to include acts of God such as Solar micro-nova, pole-reversal and crustal mantle slip.
Just what is CCPs plan to survive the insurmountable so that we can continue to enjoy EVE (eximius vivo exsaturabilis)?

It would be helpful if CCP could use current AI technology to create semi-sentient bots that can enjoy the game without human participation.

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