The sustainability of the New Eden cluster

(chaosjj) #1

With Upwell Consortium developing a new (and rather drastic) way of collecting minerals from moons, we as a civilisation must take a moment to consider the implications of this, are the mineral resources in the cluster at such a low level, that we now have to literaly take entire moons apart? ofcourse, moonmining as it is affectionaly called by us indepenent capsuleers, has been a part of immortal life in the outer regions for more then a decade, but not on a scale like this. Whats next? mining entire planets to sustain our way of life?

I ofcourse know that scaling back the consumtion of resourses of a civilisation of many trillions is for all intents and purposes impossible, so what is the next best idea? expansion.

I am not a expert on exploration, so correct me if i am wrong, but new eden does not exist in a intergalactic void or is it? so i wonder why the empires haven’t extended the stargate network to stars near the cluster. If only we had the ability to construct stargates.

Any others who have wondered about these kinds of issues?

(Diana Kim) #2

We still have null security space, that Empires put their eyes on… or not yet. I guess when the Empires will decide to take control over that, they will start expanding into new territories and push eggers to “colonize” new worlds, as good CONCORD’s pets, just like modern nullsec alliances do.

(chaosjj) #3

I wonder how a empire fleet will fare against a fleet of independent capsuleers if they where to invade null sec, might me a very interesting battle.

(zluq zabaa) #4

Humans in EVE have gotten more dumb than before the wheel was invented on the Old Earth. Pure luck the entire civilization doesn’t kill itself accidentally with a spoon while eating Yoghurt. The New Eden cluster will lose connections to sun systems, because when Stargates cease to function people don’t know how to fix it. Pressing a button will somehow not magically work. Poor humans. Need to live closer together, need to fight for ressources.

(Anyanka Funk) #5

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(Sinjin Mokk) #7

CONCORD and various governmental forces try to visit Curse every so often. It doesn’t go well for them. Usually, all it takes is one dedicated Archangel to repel a decent-sized expeditionary force.

(Loai Qerl) #8

Please please, you lot, I am so serious and earnest now. This is not a joke at all. I have been home recently and looked up at the moon circling the planet I grew up on and–please remember I am a miner–my heart went a little cold.

Please remember when you are doing this that there are oceans and animals and little children like I was, who will be greatly afflicted if the tides change, because their moon changes, because people pulled great rotty chunks out of them for money.

If you must mine moons…mine the ones around awful planets. Please.

(Arrendis) #9

Well, I hadn’t been planning on mining the moons around Amarr Prime, but now that you mention it…

(Loai Qerl) #10

…You don’t even mine. I am taking this as some consolation.

(Arrendis) #11

I have a Retriever, actually. It might be more accurate to say ‘I don’t get caught mining’.

(Diana Kim) #13

I don’t think there will be any battle.
If any Empire decides to attach nullsec system, it would happen this way:
Just CONCORD pulling switch - the system raises security level from -0.something to +0.someting. Gateguns appear. Souvereigny of nullsec alliance drops, Empire souvereignty appears. CONCORD’s wallet becomes thicker from Empire donation.

When nullseccers who “owned” the system wake up after another drunken orgy, they find out they don’t have souvereignty anymore and live now in low security system.

After all, all this so-called nullsec “souvereignty” is nothing more than rent of space from CONCORD, which they can terminate at any moment, of course paying capsuleer alliance back unused part of rent.

(Diana Kim) #14

First of all, it’s we, who’ve built stargates - we sent huge stargate building ships to other systems and built them. You know, they didn’t just appear out of nothing, right? And be sure, that if a stargate will disconnect, best in the cluster scientists, who are Caldari, will light it back in no time, especially since there is already a structure on the other side and you don’t neet to build a lot.

Moreover, I myself often get from one system to another without even using stargates. Who needs them, if you have a jump drive and a cyno? Just peasants, maybe~

(Kaela Kualen) #15

The human race has a voracious appetite.

Wherever we go, we strip our environment of its natural resources and move on. Now, a small percentage of us are immortal, and can continue to do this for eternity.

At some point, those resources are going to run out. That’s when life will get really interesting.

(Che Biko) #16

They have. Well, maybe not right now, but about ten years ago.

(Aria Jenneth) #17

No more than pseudo-immortal, though. We still die. We just mostly have backups in place, or die where we can be immediately scanned into another body.

Our immortality’s an illusion, like “control.” And kind of for the same reason.

(Resource-wise, we’re pretty dependent on biomass, too.)

(Arrendis) #18

And maintenance technicians. “what do you mean the clone bay’s broke?!?”

(chaosjj) #19

I believe that much if not most of the maintainance issues can be solved with advanced automatation, noy all ofcource, but alot.

(Halcyon Ember) #20

But then you need to maintain the automation. I mean, I replaced as many things as I could on my ships but even replacing personnel with drones I still need drone technicians to maintain the drones.

(Elmund Egivand) #21

The drones will eventually be able to take care of each other. Soooooon…ish. Maybe. Probably.

(Halcyon Ember) #22

Well, there already are drones taking care of one another, but I don’t really want my ship to become a rogue drone hive.