Can We still sustain eveonline Video Game?

Disregarding roleplays ingame. Can CCP generate realistic income from this?


They own eveonline video game so they have the right to do necessary adjustments to maintain its health. But did they make the right adjustments?

From Bussiness viewpoints not ingame viewpoints. Did CCP done the right thing?


As long as people still care enough to make threads like these, CCP will be able to sustain the game.


Hope so. I know this is just a game but it’s already became part of many clients daily routine.

The number of people making threads at all would not be enough to support a single Home Depot store with no other customers, whether through those posters’ Omega subscriptions or ad revenue.

The fact is only few clients post in eveonline forums. Other clients post on reddit.


Shapiro would beg to differ with his one board in a Home Depot bag.

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Yes, but in numbers that make it assured that EVE is doing fine?

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That’s the question. Does characters regular active numbers at present good enough to give CCP enough income. We also know that other active character alts are alphas who don’t consume plex.

Well, PCU is not the end all be all of metrics. For example, I stay subbed even when I go on break. Players may also be having shorter sessions, which would make the PCU look smaller than it really is. We may have also lost more casual alphas, which pay little to nothing to CCP, while retaining more hardcore players that like to stay subbed/buy skins/packages/Plex.

Of course, this is not to say that CCP isn’t taking a financial hit here, because they probably are. But there’s a lot of information that we just don’t have access to. Thus, it’s hard to say for certain exactly how big that hit is. I mean, just because the PCU has gone done 25%, that doesn’t mean that revenue has gone done by the same amount. In fact, microtransactions may be doing a lot to offset the lower player numbers.

Speaking of which, I’ve been forgetting to include my red dot in my posts.
No P2W

Anyway, I doubt things are all peaches and cream, but I’m not worried about the CCP turning of the servers any time soon. Let’s be real, it’s not like they have anything else going for them. So, they’d probably do layoffs long before they shut off Eve. And, even if things got really bad for Eve, they’d probably try to “put it out to pasture,” rather than kill it outright (i.e. stop active development, reduce the servers, and try to squeeze every last dime out of the game). idk, maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think Eve will probably end up like Everquest.


You shouldn’t worry about CCP - it is just a corporation.

Yeah. I just can’t help it sometimes because of my background on financial markets.:sweat_smile: many longtime companies just go bankrupt because of wrong decisions.🥲

The screenshot shows the time 05:30. If it is server time AND it is in the morning(24 hour time, that is), then it is normal to have people sleeping in their beds during then.

Also it depends on which day it is. Players who started EVE in 2003 now have kids and go to work.


That is because shareholders elect bumbling narcissists to run the companies.

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Also keep in mind it’s summer, we just got off a holiday weekend (in the States), and most of all this is the re-opening of “life” after a year of forced house arrest…I mean quarantines. People want to get out, not sit behind a screen 18 hours a day anymore. :sunglasses:

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New Eden may not be pulling in numbers like Azeroth, but I’m fairly certain it’s sustainable for now.

I don’t know what it costs CCP to keep the stars lit for EVE Online, but apparently the income is bigger than the expenses. I would imagine it’s more difficult for Blizzard to develop new content than it is for CCP, because of the game styles.

It would be fairly easy to recreate any one scene from CCP. Start with an HDR for the starlit background, throw in some ship models, add a few animation effects, and render. I’m not saying it’s that easy for the artists at CCP, but the resources necessary to implement EVE are a lot easier than for something like WoW.

Those simpler elements translate to less of an expenditure for CCP, and that means they don’t need millions of players in order to keep doing what they’re doing. If Blizzard’s player base shrank below a million, I imagine they’d cue up the funeral dirge for WoW.

CCP is at least optimistic about the future of New Eden, as they’ve committed to aesthetic updates, and they haven’t shown any signs of cutting back. They probably could cut dozens of systems that are rarely–if ever–used, and I imagine we’d see that sort of thing if CCP was nervous.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints from PvPers about the combat aspects of the game, but most of what I’ve heard has been complaints that the game has changed, not that PvP in its entirety is now impossible.

In other words, people whine that the game is different, with accusations that such and such change has “ruined” the game. The same thing happens whenever Facebook changes the profile layout; they went from square portraits to round ones and you’d have thought somebody had shot the Pope the way people reacted.

Also, 99.9% of the people who complained still use Facebook, just like a lot of the players who whine about “X ruined Y in EVE” will still play, at least for a while.

I’m confident that EVE and CCP will be around for a while, and it’s sustainable for the time being.


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