First, while I’ve played a lot of MMO’s, Eve is fairly unique.

Second, in my experience the only thing that kills MMO’s is when they stop making money. If CCP keeps making money, they’ll keep Eve going. If their decisions are bad enough that Eve stops making money… they’ll close the game. That pretty much holds for every game.

Are their decisions going to keep making them money? I think many believe that they’ll actually cost CCP money. But money is the whole point of running a business. CCP is a business.

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What are your parameters for EvE-like?

They say a pig and a hen have vastly different perspective on the concept of breakfast. The question is if CCP has started looking at us like we’re bacon or eggs.

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Of course they do. but saying CCP is doing stuff only to strive for money is kind of dumb. Making money is the entire reason they exist.

They are supposed to strive only to make money. If their decisions end up costing them money… well that’s bad execution. But they were trying to make money 15 years ago and they’re trying to make money now. Acting as if the motives of the company are off is just silly. It’s their execution that’s lacking.

Management of company certainly dont care about EVE anymore, you can only hear about some devs that “do what they can”, but from the sound of it, they can do :poop: when confronted with this management.


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Probably as whale meat. :open_mouth:

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I’d like to introduce you to the closest approximation** I’ve seen of another game to what EvE offers.

Grab yourself an ivory tower economist, a social scientist, an investment banker, a construction foreman, a guy with an MBA and more gumption than sense, and a sergeant of Marines.

Now entice them play Monopoly - with shots.

–Gadget remembers that night… mostly

**Close, but needs more IT dudes


I’d say ad in a rugby player that’s a bad whisky drunk and you’re pretty spot on.


Closed, don’t rant please.