Just seen this on Facebook


Just seen this on Facebook kind of reminded me a lot of this forum .

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ok and?


I think the people who post pictures like these on facebook need a meet-and-greet with reality and a skin doctor to get advice on how to grow a thicker skin.



I think it’s basically an advertisement for Facebook.

Posts like that are like chain letters.


Could we stand to be less dickish sometimes? Yes.

Will you get anyone to change by posting overly sensitive facebook memes? I’m thinking no -especially when it comes to Eve online forums.

And not for nothing, but we don’t do most of the stuff on that list. I’m not saying it’s right, but the only thing that happens regularly on these forums is belittling other people’s opinions and intelligence. The rest of that stuff is rare, if it happens at all, and it undermines your argument by insinuating that it does.

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Yep, and I like these forums for it.

Not only do we have fun PvP in the game, the forum PvP isn’t bad either.


I do all this to myself…

Reminds me of the radiohead song ‘Just’

Also im as much guilty of such actions myself over time ive frequented a few forums but always found them strangley unsatisfying mediums through which to communicate.

EVE players have a reputation of being toxic and I must say it shows on the forum more than in game.
Lots of forum members fulfill that bullet list in your OP, many make a point of it and seem to be proud of it and enjoy it.
Best thing to do if you’re at the receiving end of such toxicity is to not honor it by replying. Some people live to hurt others emotionally, it’s a daily sport for them and often aren’t satisfied until they destroy someone’s ego…
But the ISD’s priority are rants and discussing moderation.
Go figure.

Don’t worry, pretty soon all thought will be controlled and we will be living in surrogate bodies when we go outside. "Surrogates" - Official Trailer [HQ] - YouTube and Minority Report (2002) Official Trailer #1 - Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Action Movie - YouTube

For your safety of course.

Enjoy your metaverse and 4th industrial revolution. You haven’t experienced real fear of thought yet.

moderation is an emotional value
this whole topic is designed to make you second guess your audience’ level of tolerance, which of course is difficult even with extra sensory powers. Therefor OPgraphic is a billboard for self-censorship originally published on a social engineering platform (if credible) and re-published here.
No man should take notice. So easy to contract a meme these days.

Where’s the guessing in “treat others as you’d like to be treated” ?

If ‘self-censorship’ corrects some people’s crappy behavior then it’s good. I practice self-censorship everytime I feel like cursing someone out but realize the problem is with me.

The whole of the Internet is a social engineering platform, even online games are part of a social engineering experiment so OP’s meme provenance has no bearing on its truth.

That’s when you’re just being civil and polite, but totally an anti-pattern when having to censor oneself when discussing facts based arguments then it becomes oppression of reality and also used to censor opine. We’re at the latter stage now in society and it’s going to get worse and they are tooling up to enforce it.

Yes, and the metaverse will make it worse. Brave New Worlds indeed. You might want to look into somebody called Yuval Noah Harari and whom he is advising.


There is none, so individuals who communicate thoughtlessly or aggressively invite a a similar response. Would you deny that right?

Self control is the only thing that moderates behaviour full stop. You are not promoting self control, you appear to be a cadet for imposed compliance.

Designed to be, does not have to be. I invite you to join me in being the change you want to see in the world.
Political Correctness is ultimately Communism.
Authenticity simply is.

No “bearing on truth”, see we can agree.

There’s that, too. I’m just trying to stay within the parameters OP set for the thread but I agree with you.

Been saying that for 15 years now. It’s clear to me that whatever they say they’re working on bettering only gets worse. All my life I’ve seen it only got worse so I don’t have many arguments for the contrary except in my own personal life.

Yep, they’re best at enforcing all the nonsense alright while decency and justice take a back seat. Nothing new there.

I will. Thanks.

Another interesting event was China regulating gaming more (amongst other things). See What’s behind China’s recent video game restrictions? | World Economic Forum

TLDR: You’re not going to be in control of your individual choices to set your own destiny.

Welcome to your future of it’s for your own safety. The state is your new guardian.

Lockdown in lockstep was an experiment to control you more.

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Most of “the people” online being emotionally abusive are actually a minority of people in real life with spectators sometimes engaging because they’re triggered.

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I have no place to deny or approve anything beyond my immediate sphere of control, which is as big as where my aura extends but I wouldn’t deny it if I could. Still, thoughtlessness and aggressivity don’t always need to be met in kind or with ego-destroying abuse. The village idiot wasn’t always beaten up and reviled. He was happy to be ignored.

I guess I thought ‘self-censorship’ was a part of ‘self-control’ or just another term for it as for self-control there must be a form of self-censorship, unless it’s the word ‘censorship’ that causes trouble and disconnect. I don’t like that word either.

You’re right, I’m only promoting compassion and reason, to the best of my ability, of course, for I’m not infallible.

Appearances can be deceiving.
I have rebelled all my life against imposed compliance, today isn’t the day I change course.

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Davos World.

It’s the old new game, now in online form.

5G is needed to enable all the telemetry that’s coming (from on and inside you), for your safety.

Interesting to note that Yuval Noah Harari doesn’t have a smartphone.

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