Cynaball, best cruiser ever?

decided to do a bit of cruiser action, sometimes its just more fun than a marauder on lvl4s etc,
this also progressed to a thrasher doing 2s and some 3s, actually very easily, the blockade with auto thrasher was easily completed, but the bal…wow, very impressed, never used it before, all the outher but this one I think, very impessed, 35k ehp, bout 550 dps and great speed, very fun little ship, I reckon it would take on some 4s too.
no real point to the post other than to say if you haven’t tried it, go for it, seems more fun in a way than lvl 4s :slight_smile:

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whats your build?

AC cyna lacks some range to be safe in L4s. The passive fit seems nice until you get double webbed, pointed, painted, and the shield buffer becomes completely useless with the amount of damage you take. Also you lack tracking to take on elite frigates and webifier drones.

I’ve done L3s in cyna some yars ago. yeah its definitely doable. some missions have a huge DPS though.

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