Cyno Generator not anchoring

I submitted a bug for cyno generator not anchoring, but now the bug report is not even in my tickets.
Is this working as intended, or is this a known issue?

You should still be able to view your bug report (through the link, which Linus Gorp posted). I marked the bug report as “Not reproducible” and left a question for you.
Copying the question here:

Still not working, even with other toons that are capable of anchoring this structure. There is the anchor structure option, but it does nothing.
Is there maybe another one in this system that I dont know about? Can you check that?

Perhaps a stupid question, but: Have you installed the appropriate iHub upgrade to allow anchoring cyno generators? I forget what it’s called, something like “Cynosurual Navigation” perhaps?

Yes, I have, not a stupid question. I also have sov to correct level, my toon has anchoring 5. I get the green box to move the anchoring around after selecting “anchor structure” but that’s it. Can’t do anything with the green box other than move it.

Thanks to CCP Lebowski for helping me figure it out.

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You are very welcome! Closing this thread now that we’ve sorted it :slight_smile: