Cyno skill trains at different rate than rest of navigation skills

Whats going on here. Cynosural Field Theory 40.0 SP/min, rest of the navigation skills 43.5 SP/min.

All of them should have exact same governing attributes but still different rate of training…

Most navigation skills have perception as a seconday, but Cyno skills seem to have memory as a secondary attribute, so not the same.

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I think you’ll find they have different attribute requirements:

Cynosaural Field Theory - Primary: Int, Secondary: Mem

The other nav skills seem to be primary: Int, Secondary: Perception


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Ya, checked the skill itself and you are correct. Cyno skill seems to be special snowflake here.

If you hover over navigation group in your skill window you get attributes for whole group. I think they just screwed up attribs of one skill and never bothered to fix it…

It’s been like that since time immemorial, as far as I know. Generally, navigation skills have perception as a secondary because most navigation skills are reliant on your awareness of realspace to get you from point A to point B.

Cyno skills are more like R2D2 calculating a hyperspace jump. You’re no longer traveling through a physical space, you are instead punching a hole directly from one point in space to another, and the skill attributes reflect that.

I was unaware the categories displayed a rule of thumb attribute set, but probably because I did not expect it to when I knew the skill base attributes vary within those categories.

That logic would work if characters were designing the modules, but characters are spaceship pilots and they just push the button in their ships and things happen…

Wouldnt mind if they harmonized all skills in groups to use same attributes. Bit more newbro friendliness since they have that mouseover window showing attributes.

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