D-scan issue

I was using d-scan as I learned how valuable it could be, with the local chat open underneath so I could see the names off to the side of the d-scan window.

I also had de-coupled the d-scan from the map window and everything was working great.

But somehow, the d-scan got mixed into the local/corp window so now I can’t open it AND d-scan in different windows any more. I can’t figure out what I did, as I didn’t try to do anything, it was working perfectly.

Anybody know what I did? How I can get it back the way I had it working?

Many thanks,

Just drag the tab out of the stack?

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Good grief, how simple. And I’ve been trying all morning, looking through the setting, looking for little buttons, lol, since I didn’t know how it got it there…

You solved that easily - thnx



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