[D-SCO] Deep Space Coalition - C5 WH PvP EUTZ


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We’re not just any old wormhole corp, We are A Class Apart !

So what makes us different to any other corp? … In short, our members, how we do stuff and YOU!

We love blowing stuff up, roam daily and create content to get our PVP fix.

Laid back bunch of pilots who like to have a drink or 3, then go blow stuff up…
We also like to offer training (where applicable) and help get folk settled in to a place they can call home.

We offer a host of benefits too:

:+1: PVP - We actively seek content

:+1: EU Timezone - though welcome all players

:+1: SRP Program - You insured your ship right?

:+1: BUYBACK - Huff, Guff, or Duff – We’ll convert to Isk

:+1: INDUSTRIAL - We have huge opportunities for you folk too :slight_smile:

:+1: PI - All the Tiers, with no Tears (We’ll also buy it back)

:+1: Pathfinder / TS / Discord - Communication is everything

:+1: ISK ISK ISK … C5 with a C5 Static? … How much Isk do you want ?

:+1: Kitchen Sink / Drunken Ops - Leeeroy Style (with chicken)

:+1: Forum - Fits, S++ts, and Giggles

:+1: Camaraderie - Best thing about this Corp

:+1: Corp Competitions - Races, Comedy Losses, Activity - All rewarded

:+1: Much Much More…

The only thing missing is you …

So come and have a chat with us, Drop into D-SCO Recruit or mail Starglider7, Wafflestomper Amelana or Logan Eto to express an interest.

We’re also interested in chatting to Corps who are looking for that next stage in their game play to join us, whether your a small scale pvp outfit or Indy outfit… We may well be your next best move!

Coolest bunch of folk to fly with - and that, makes us A Class Apart.


Growing and still recruiting… Come hang out with quality, chilled and fun pilots who love to blow stuff up.
Very active corp, Daily roams and content creation.

Still recruiting, feel free to pop up to our recruitment channel and have a chat !
“D-SCO Recruit”



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Recruitment is still open!


Recruitment is still open folks