D3NSE Matter Alliance: Wormhole Corps Welcome!

D3NSE Matter alliance is an agglomeration of wormhole dwelling member corps of ALL types.

Governed by wormhole mercenaries Negative Density. We believe in supporting corporations in the form of protection and knowledge sharing, and enriching the gaming experience of wormhole corps by becoming part of a wider community.

Benefits of D3NSE Matter membership include:

Sociable Wormhole CommunityJoin a large community of friendly wormholers of all experience levels and time zones! Make new friends and allies - share ideas, banter and good times! :handshake:

ProtectionBy coming under our banner you gain the protection of an experienced number of PvPers. We look after our own and say ‘yes please’ to PvP content! Need we say more? :skull_and_crossbones:

PvP TrainingWe can work with you to develop PvP doctrines to suit the SP and experience level of your members. We can offer scheduled training sessions and give your members the chance to fly under experienced FCs. :rocket:

PvP ContentIf you are a PvP corp then you know how important finding the action is! As a member of D3NSE Matter you’ll have the option to join scheduled ops or jump into action with daily pings on discord. :crossed_swords:

GuidanceFree advice and mentoring on all things wormholes! We have 10 years wormhole experience to draw upon – so whatever you need to know from setting up farm holes, making stuffs from various goo, or blowing stuff up generally - we know way more than is healthy! Brain dumping is good therapy. :brain:

Privately Hosted PathfinderPrivate maps available to your corp. Keep it safe… keep it secret. :mage:

Alliance BookmarksShareable bookmark folders for alliance ops and day-to-day wormhole sharing. Did anyone really think this was ever gonna happen? There is a bob! \o/


— D3NSE Matter Culture —

What D3NSE Matter members all have in common is that they are decent people. We treat each other with respect and foster a team environment where we go the extras mile to help one another. We also treat players outside with the same respect - trying to set the tone to the newer kids on the block.

We welcome PvP corps, indy corps, farming corps, and ‘jack of all trade’ corps.

The main thing that matters to us is WHO YOU ARE…

How to Apply / Get More Info on D3NSE Matter alliance?

That’s simple. Send an in game mail to ‘ISK Lord’ (CEO of Negative Density). Tell me a little bit about your corp and we can arrange to have a chat on comms at a convenient time. Many thanks and I look forward to speaking soon! :sunglasses:


Are you a corp interested in becoming part of a larger wormhole player base?

Why not learn and grow as part of D3NSE Matter alliance!

How would you describe your corp ???

Industrial? Miners? Manufacturers?
Farmers? Anomalies?
Experienced? Newish?

Whatever your corp or individual focus, D3NSE Matter is a great organisation to meet other wormholers, learn and share adventures, and benefit from a culture of knowledge sharing and content creation.

Want to be part of something bigger? Make new friends? Have more security? Have more fun?

Just drop me a mail in game and tell me a bit about your corp and we can go from there :slight_smile:

Ideal for corps of any wormhole play style!
Become part of a larger wormhole community without losing your identity.

Welcoming in new wormhole corps!

Are you a wormhole corp looking for an alliance?

Let’s arrange to have a chat and see what D3nse Matter Alliance can offer you.

Mail me in game and tell me a little about your corp, and we can get on comms for a chat at a convenient time.

Wormhole corp looking to become part of something bigger? :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

Hit me up any time!

Do you have a public/recruitment Discord channel?

Please mail or convo me in game and we can go from there. Many thanks.

New WH corps welcome!

Are you a wormhole corp looking for an alliance?

Get in touch today!

Time to become part of something bigger?

Get your wormhole corp into something cool! :beer:

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