[WH MERCS] Negative Density - Specialist Wormhole Mercenaries


(ISK Lord) #1

Negative Density [D3NSE]

:skull_and_crossbones: Specialist Wormhole Mercenary Service :skull_and_crossbones:

System Defence – Are you under attack? Batphone us to save your wormhole!

Evictions – Removal of unwanted residents, tactical blow, sweet revenge.

Harassment – Hire us to ambush or camp a system for an evening, a weekend, or pay regular visits.

Defence Planning – Free advice on how to prepare a contingency plan against that dreaded invasion.

System Location – Moving into wormholes for the first time? Looking to upgrade or find that perfect system? We can help you decide on a system, find it for you, and even clear it out.

System Security – We can lock down and defend your system while you move valuable assets or deploy/anchor/unanchor your structures.

Protection Program – We’ll put you under our wing, deal with persistent bullies, and defend your assets in time of need.

We can tailor any package to your specific needs and financial means.

For a discreet consultation please contact:

ISK Lord

CEO, Negative Density

(Voxell) #2

Great group of guys. Had a successful location/defense op with them and I had a great time working with the group. Knowledgeable, professional, and totally ready to brawl.

+1 would absolutely use them again.

(Jadzia Daax) #3

My interaction with Negative Density was one of the first times I blindly trusted other people in EVE and having it actually work out. After I initially contacted Negative Density for an operation, ISK Lord personally reached out to me to offer his consultation and form a plan. He outlined exactly how the op would be run.

The day of the actual event, everything unfolded as ISK Lord said it would. They are professional, very efficient, and have great communication. It also helps that they seem to be some genuinely good guys which makes it easier to work with them. Definitely plan to lean on them again in the future

(budhamo) #4

From the Beginning everything was upfront and decent.
Let me tell you, Professionalism is exemplified by this team.
No oops , no sorry , it happens.

Just straight up on target, and on it.

This team is now a part of my team of teams.

We made friends, shared lessons learned, and succeeded.