Daily Alpha Injector Question

(Zlim Wicked) #1

I have been away and just came back to new changes to alphas. I am over 5 million skill points, will I be able to use a daily alpha injector to increase skill or will it just stay as unallocated until I become omega again?

(Quelza) #2

You can use it until you reach the 20 mil SP cap for Alphas.

(Zlim Wicked) #3

Thank you for the info!

(Quelza) #4

Here is the dev blog where the Daily Alpha Injector was introduced, if you are interested in verifying the information. Covers the general rules and includes a small FAQ.

(Zlim Wicked) #5

DOH! I read that before posting but somehow must have skimmed over the first paragraph lol

(system) #6

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