Damage and Rat Types in Bio

I’ve been playing for along time, but something I have always wondered is why some people use their bio instead of their journal to store information about rats, damage types, types of wormholes, and other information.

Plus, many of these generalizations about rats are sometimes incorrect. They aren’t always weak to the damage types indicated, nor do they always shoot the damage type indicated. Without looking at the details on a site like Eve Survival, you’d be doing yourself a disservice in ammo selection to only pack the ammo someone’s bio told you to.

My question… why do people put these guides in their bios? Pretty sure the creators of Eve intended the bio to help us get to know each other, then all of us realized that wouldn’t work and it was basically giving the enemy intel on us they could use to their advantage. Now everyone hides their home station and system and just about anything else they can because of all of the doxxing and intel-boosted ganks and other losses stemming from it.

But why damage types in the bio?

Some players ironically put those details in to look like innocent PvEers to bait out gankers, to simply answer your question.

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  1. It’s an easy / quick access way to record some basic information you use all the time.

  2. It’s a way to bait people into thinking you’re a carebear. Which, is less relevant now that kill boards are so prevalent, but it might still work in some instances if someone is being careless.

Why are they wrong? In some cases, it’s just really old, out of date information.

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That was also before ccp put damage types in a rats info.

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I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve considered setting up some frequent-reference info in some of my char bios.

The advantage would be that I’d only have to set it up once, then all my other chars and anyone I wanted to share it with could access it easily. If it needsd updating, I only have to update one location. If it’s only in my journal, I have to copy it to every char, and cut-paste it to share it with anyone else, and update them all separately.

As for whether it’s correct or not, that’s not pertinent really. If it’s in your journal, or on a website, or someone sends it to you in email, it can still be just as out-of-date or incorrect.


Its an old thing where people put it into bios for other noobs as people looked at bios and many of us had original ones but many couldnt be *ssed putting an actual bio in so they just used something generic.

Players could write up a nice little backstory for their character…for the five whole people that will read it. A lot of the bios I see are basically a repository for killmails and hate messages.


I personally look at sec status and history/age of char.

almost 0 sec status, longer lived char with corp history changing alot to show they they didn’t wander away for several years. And not a miner.

5+ years…no/low sec status with “rat shooting carebear” bio? hahahaha, yeah. No, this isn’t adding up right.


Why not? It’s just a place to write whatever. My bio is a fictitious prelude to my being Capsuleer.
Certainly not writing the truth in there, I mean it is a PvP game after all.

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